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talking to myself

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For those who have gone before us

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For those who have gone before us
(Catholic prayer for the Dead)

Lord each day comes and goes in a blink of the eye,
yet the journey can seem so long and tiring,
even days when there is ‘nothing’ can wear one down,
and we can be lulled to a form of sleep,
going through the motions forgetting our depth of soul.

Or seeking out endless entertainment to keep the void hidden deep,
though it seems of a frantic nature when I lose my way,
forgetting that this life is a place of journeying and not one of rest,
the hills and valleys, the dark and light and yes the grey as well,
are part of the patchwork of life.

In death, we come face to face with who we are,
with what we have done, and the pain and joy caused,
and since it is truth, there is no excuse for any of us.

What is your mercy Lord?
Yes, your forgiveness is freely given, it is a seed,
taking root in our souls leading us to understand its cost,
the deeper in the more we see and embrace your healing love,
so yes, this state of your loving gaze is painful
for truth must be told and experienced by all who pass
though that door we call death.

It is all grace Lord,
this life and our struggles, and even our failures,
if we continue our journey towards your love and will,
stretching our hearts to their breaking point
and yet demanding more of us over and over again.

Face to face with our truth, yet sustained by your love,
we continue our journey even after death,
for the grace of purification is truly your most costly,
drawing those open to your love to be brought deeper in
and higher up into your infinite loving embrace.

Our pain comes from us, what we do to ourselves,
and what others commit to wound our souls,
there is give and take in this life,
but in the place of purification, there is only receiving
without excuses or the escape of entertainment,
lulling us to sleep.

So, Lord, we pray for all of our beloved dead
who rest in your love while being healed and restored,
that soon the healing fire of your love
will become the cooling embrace of union.


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