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talking to myself

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Overloaded and tired

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Overloaded and tired
(100 anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun)

My heart, and soul,
mind, and body,
are overloaded with and from violence,
guns, blood, and simple craziness.
yet it will not stop
for violence snowballs
has been from time immemorial,
and we get better at it,
with clubs, then swords and arrows,
guns, bombs, and nuclear explosions.

Yes, my heart when I look within,
or when ‘something’ breaks through
forcing me to see and experience,
I see a mirror image of the outer world.

Perhaps we are all savages and saints,
the easier road is to be filled with hatred,
contempt and to do something about it.

Our choices define us.

It doesn’t work our warlike nature,
for we are not contained in our wrath,
it can be like the sun plummeting to earth
as at Fatima on Oct 13th, 1917.

Perhaps prayer and grace is our only hope,
for nothing else seems to work.

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