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My Backstory

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Aquila King


This blog series is a complete detailed account of all the major life events and need-to-know info that reveals exactly what lead to the specific situation that I'm living in today.

In my other blog series: Self-Metamorphosis, I began my first blog entry there promising that my next blog entry would explain my complete backstory. But as I began writing it I soon realized that it was becoming incredibly long, so I decided instead to segment it up into different sections and create a separate blog just for this subject. I'll keep everything in an organized fashion, however the entries here may be more sporadic, rather than weekly as my other blog is.

As for this blog itself, I found it difficult for me to even know where to begin with it all. I could literally write a book pertaining to this. This is basically my life story after all. I'd say we all could write a book about our lives up to this day. However the point of this project (more specifically this entry) is to help you, the reader, understand exactly what lead to me being in the situation that I'm in today. I feel that you need to at least understand some basic things about me, and what exactly it was that lead me to being who I am today. A glance into my psychology, if you will. After all, this blog will be A LOT more inspirational in conjunction with my Self-Metamorphosis blog once you know just how low this story really goes. I know this may be considered uncharacteristic of the average forum user to be so upfront and honest about all of this, to present the dark secrets of my life as an open book. But I have good reasons for doing so, reasons I plan to outline in the following entries. I've come to love many of you as I would my own family (if that isn't too weird to say), so sharing who I truly am and all the bitter details of my life up till now is the least I could do. Plus I feel that by sharing all of this, I might finally be able to gain a little closure. I've never expressed all this in writing before, and am looking forward to the experience. So with that being said, let's begin...

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Wishing you all the best in your journey.

About this: I've come to love many of you as I would my own family (if that isn't too weird to say). Nope not weird at all I've found some UM members do feel like family in many ways :)


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