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talking to myself

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Confronting our gifts

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Confronting our gifts
Last talk for the Confrontation retreat
(thankful acceptance/humility)

God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving.
If he gives us the gift of Christmas, it is because we all have
 the ability to understand and receive it---Pope Francis

When thinking about ‘confronting oneself’ it is usually thought of being only with aspects of ourselves that keep us in cycles of pain and frustration.  However many have trouble openly expressing the fact that they have gifts that can be used to help others.  Gifts are given, they are not worked for.  Though gifts do have to be developed. 

Fear can be an obstacle to developing gifts that have not yet been used.  Like speaking before a group, or some form of leadership, or gifts that are supportive of others.  St. Paul mentioned that being a good administer is a gift of the Spirit.  Our gifts are for others, it is a way of washing one another’s feet, as Jesus did during the last supper.  We all have gifts, some may garner more attention, but the so-called ‘humbler’ gifts are also just as important, all are needed for the upbuilding of the society, church, and yes, family and the workplace.

Once it is understood that our gifts are freely given, it can lead to a deep humility and a desire to use them for the good of others. 

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