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talking to myself

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Thankfulness is mindfulness



Thankfulness is mindfulness

There are days when I am not mindful and lose my way.

I forget the giftedness of all that I am, and what I have,
that I can love, laugh and play, and at times even weep,
enjoy the sun, but mostly I love rainy days with dark clouds,
plants in water with roots, long and flowing,
 like a work of art, a living sculpture,
people and their smiles and tears and  gentleness,
their generosity and freely given love.

Quiet mornings when I go outside and there is no sound,
or if there is, it is a choir of insects and frogs calling out,
over and over again, yet in unison in some strange way,
strong black coffee, bitter to the taste, and the delight
of a full moon making the darkness a beautiful glow.

Even in my advancing age, though  I am no longer young and supple,
or even thin the way I was in my younger days,
nor as strong or healthy as in the past, often taken for granted
when a callow youth, now I appreciated my journey.
For I am truly thankful to the Lord for old age,
as hard as it may be, for as my years shorten
my love of life deepens and the precious moment,
whatever it is, can be embraced for it will pass.

Yes when I forget what I have to be thankful for
I become blind and dumb and see nothing.

So, Lord, I pray give me the wisdom to see,
a heart to love all with your very affection,
allow me to embrace you in total trust,
to die one day of longing for you,
for are we not made for union with infinite love,
your love Lord, as hard as that can be to believe?



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You as well my friend, blessed Thanksgiving and I hope the season is a peaceful one for you all the way into 2018.




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