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Is This The Ice Wall ?

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Universal Trek


The Purunmachos of Karijia are 600 year old sarcophagi located in Karijia, near Chachapoyas, Peru.


Is what we're seeing in the distance there the ice wall spoken of by so many? This jump was made by a team of Pararescuemen from over twenty thousand feet. 

We have a long way to go before we fully understand the universe we live in, until that time we should continue to question everything, that is after all how the biggest scientific breakthroughs have come about. 

That’s where footage like this can become an invaluable asset. It offers a glimps of things from a height most would not normally be able to view.

Many have spoken of the ice wall surrounding a flat earth, most ancient cultures up until 500 years ago when Copernicus came up with his theory, accepted it as a fact.

So is it the ice wall we’re looking at in the distance in this footage? 

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The ancient Greeks knew the world was round. It's not a theory in Copernicus' Time. That video shows nothing more than a weather system moving in...

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