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Hidden History : Evidence Ancient Technology

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Universal Trek


Evidence suggests that humanity's history has been completely misunderstood.
Our story of the past seems to have been changed, mistranslated, and possibly 
intentionally suppressed. From ancient Egypt to the mountains of Peru,
so many pieces of evidence of advanced ancient technology have been found
scattered across the world, that I think we are now only just beginning to find
out what ancient civilizations were actually capable of.

Abu Ghurab is an archaeological site just 20 minutes away from the great pyramid of Giza, famous
for it's sun temples built in the 25th century bce during the old kingdom period. Part of the pyramid 
complex at Abu Sir, about a mile away, the true purpose of the site remains
unclear. There are however structures and artifacts at the site that show evidence of ancient high

One of them is an altar located in the center of the courtyard. Constructed from five large blocks of
alabaster arranged to form a symbol that translates to "may ra be satisfied" . It's been suggested that
the crystal platform created a harmonic resonance through sound vibrations to increase awareness and 
actually allow for communication with these sacred energies. Something many would call a stargate today.

There are also a set of 9 circular alabaster basins located at the site along the east wall.
Just how the holes were drilled, and grooves cut into these alabaster basins remains an enigma.
The basins are amazingly smooth to the touch and show signs of circular tool marks, 
suggesting that whoever crafted them had some sort of technology at their disposal. These 
alabaster basins remind me very much of Edward Leedskalnin's magnetic flywheel. There are 
many similarities, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were an ancient version of Ed Leedskalnin's device. 

Ancient Egyptians, were probably one of the most famous ancient civilizations of them all. 
Archaeological data collected and documented regarding this mysterious ancient civilization far
exceeds that of any other. They've been credited with constructing some of the largest and most 
enigmatic structures on earth but none of those incredible achievements were ever documented by them.
Odd for a civilization that documented ever facet of their daily lives.

Conventional archaeologists have long resisted the notion that the architectural achievements of the 
Ancient Egyptians required the existence of a much more sophisticated technology than would
have existed at that time and fail to address the fact that no records exist explaining how, why,
or who built ancient Egypt's megalithic monuments and statues.

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