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Chicken-fried Steak

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Drove to Dexter, Iowa today to pick up some treats at Drew’s Chocolates. My sister Teresa is hosting Christmas dinner, and I thought a big box of homemade chocolates would be a special delight for dessert. Drew’s has been operating out of the same house, and run by the same family, for 90 years! 

Dexter was once home to Bonnie and Clyde, the infamous gangsters of the 1930s. They robbed a bank in the nearby town of Stuart on April 16, 1934. The bank later became the Stuart Police Station. Down the street is the turn-of-the-century Hotel Stuart, which bills itself as “strictly modern” (I assume in comparison to other hotels which are “easygoing modern”).

From there I went to the Waveland Cafe, a bar & restaurant combination in the tiny farm community of Booneville. There was an older guy with long, white hair and a bushy white beard sitting at a table on the patio out in front. Mind you, it’s only 22 degrees (-5 Celsius) and he’s sitting outdoors dressed in his Carhartt jacket and jeans, drinking a beer and looking like an Agri-Santa. I shoulda got a picture.

Let me tell you, the Waveland Cafe has the best chicken-fried steak on the planet. It comes drenched in HOT gravy with two eggs (sunny side up), wheat toast soaked all the way through with butter, and perfectly-fried hash browns. It’s comfort food on steroids. I enjoyed it so much, I even tipped the cooks.

Then, off to Trader Joe’s in West Des Moines to replenish my supply of organic Blackstrap Molasses, which I use to sweeten my morning coffee. I think I actually enjoy the molasses more than the coffee. Weird, huh?

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