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STILL learning French!



I've surprised myself just how much I love it!

I love learning new phrases everyday, it's just so exciting to think that I can now understand the conversations on the tape with ease, I know it's an artificial setting, but considering I have only been learning a couple of weeks, I think it's pretty good.

Whenever I feel like giving up I look at the pictures of Paris I have plastered everywhere and think about what it would be like to go there again but be able to speak the lingo, and hopefully one day live there, or at least rent/own a place there!

Oh well, best get back to it!

Au revoir!


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Unfortunately, that is not possible as

a) I'm not fluent enough

cool.gif I'm learning off a CD, which is speaking at the moment, not reading or writing, so I don't know how to spell most of the stuff I learn!

I can however tell you that il est onze heur!

And I can ask you : Ou est la rue Sant Jaques? and

Ou est le chien? Ou est le Chat? Ou la grenouille?


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Hé ! Je vraiment ne sais pas que le français mais il y a ce site qui traduit toute votre chose de l'anglais à français dans un éclat ! A pensé ceci serait un petit amuser...

Pourquoi le poulet a-t-il traversé la route ?

Pour obtenir à l'autre côté ! laugh.gif

(Hey! I really don't know french but there is this site that translates all your stuff from english to french in a flash! Thought this would be a little amusing...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side! laugh.gif )

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