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Cold spell on the prairie

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Another beautiful morning here on the prairie, and not quite as cold. The -10F is much nicer than yesterday’s -21F  (-23.3C and -29.4C). 

Went out early to feed the birds and take a few photos: it’s not often that the full moon is still above the western horizon as the sun rises in the east!  (I live on a hilltop near the Mississippi-Missouri Divide, with a wide open view of the sky, so I take lots of sunrise and sunset photos for my city-dwelling Facebook friends.)

I went for a walk around my acreage yesterday, just long enough to dispel my cabin fever. I was dressed in my insulated coveralls, two t-shirts and a hoodie sweatshirt, which was more than enough to stay warm. Right now it’s colder in Iowa than it is in Antarctica! I got a beautiful photo of the Iowa ‘frozen tundra’ covered in snow with the deep-blue skies above. Wish I knew how to post photos here on UM.

Getting ready for the 20-mile drive into town. I’m running low on the staples: bacon, eggs, hot dogs and chips. I may stop at the YMCA and walk a few miles on the indoor track, followed by a Double Quarter Pounder at McDonalds. Need lots of protein during this cold weather.


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