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Wizard Archaeus

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Rods And Man Interaction

Wizard Archaeus


Depending on the time of year will determine the type of research I will engage. In winter when the environment is frigid and more hostile minus many bugs, as well as other forms of air contaminants, do I then explore the diversity of what I refer to as the cousins of Roswell Rods: Snow Rods. A phenomenon which virtually eliminates the argument of there being bugs or much of anything else normally attributed to warmer weather which may be mistaken for rods. The unusual characteristics of this phenomena are captured occurring within near perfect conditions in which the alleged rod being white in color is captured first flying into view in front of my head which was donned in a black hat and dark tan hood - Then appearing to bunch or collect itself from having been elongated in flight - In then once more extending itself in flight by first slightly dipping downwards before continuing upwards and out of sight! The actual occurrence took only mere seconds in typical rod reference of time where I have considerably slowed frame rate in order to capture its precise movement.



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