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UFO Overview

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UFO phenomenon or religion incognito ?

The Starman


Is the UFO not only a pseudo-science about unrecognized flying objects, alien abductions, but also religion?
One of the many "alien kidnappers" of Billy Meir's UFO photography. "FOX tv" acquired rights to this photo, from then on it became a photo of the popular US-series X-files, Detective Mulder's wall (post-opera). With the famous inscription "I want to believe".
UFOs have elements of religious faith, people believe that UFOs (flying saucers, cigars) fly extraterrestrial beings. Usually, these advocates believe that extraterrestrial beings must be interested in the welfare of mankind. Humanity is already there, or it will eventually become a part of the existing extraterrestrial civilization. Other extraterrestrial beings tend to add more to a supernatural world where the UFO inhabitants are more like angels (or spirits / souls) than physical entities such as "gray" or "reptilian". On the other hand, from a religious perspective, this is not a striking difference across the UFO subculture.
First of all, UFO religions have expanded in countries such as: USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Japan. In order to realize what is an "extraterrestrial being" (alien) in this time, the society should have been technologically advanced enough. Otherwise, the concept of "extraterrestrial civilization" would have been discouraged and incomprehensible.
The term "flying saucers" and the popular UFO concept are thought to originate from 1947-1950. But the roots of this religious faith go back a few decades. Great influence on formation was made by fantastic screening like:
"Algol: The Tragedy of Power" 1920, a German film about an extraterrestrial creature (alien) from the planet of Algol, which has given a man a machine capable of controlling the whole world.
"Aelita: Queen of Mars" 1924, Soviet Union film about an unexpected space message from the Mars planet. Long story short - The plot unfolds in the love story between the man and the princess of Mars planet.
This screen shot inspired such films as "Woman in the Moon" in 1923, "Flash Gordon" 1936-49, which was later inspired by George Lucas to write Star Wars. Undoubtedly, people have long been fantasizing about an extraterrestrial planet, forms of life, and so on. 1947 The "mystique" of Roswell's history surrounded the whole country of the United States and, at that time, the enemy of the Cold War to the Soviet Union. Although until 1947 Dozens of films about aliens were made all over the world, however, the popularity of Roswell's history has led to an incredible renaissance of alien genres and new heights. Using the cinema studios, they built "space operas", in which aliens became increasingly "alter ego" (bad guys) of the main cinema characters. More and more, aliens killed or rob people in cinemas. As a result, the UFO has become one of the largest in the XX century. age pop subculture / religions.
Perhaps many heard of Heaven's Gate. Paradise Gate was the secret of the UFO for the new millennium. What her former religious practice is poorly known. Before joining the group, many members sold their property to get rid of dependence on earthly things. Scientific fiction and films made great influence on the faith. Successful executives engaged in programming business and other computer technologies (managed by Higher Source). Until 1997, the sect was rated as a harmless fanfare group of science fiction.
The religious section described above was based in the United States and there is no knowledge of followers in Lithuania . Perhaps we would have been quicker to reach the UFO wave from the west , if not the cold war and occupation before 1990 . Still , we do have the UFO movement here . The International Raelian Movement , founded in Lithuania in 2003 . The Raelians are an atheistic ufology religion, the founder and leader of which is the former journalist and owner of Claude Virilhon magazine on car sport (born 1946), since 1998. According to Rael, on December 13, 1973, a stranger (elohim) appeared to him (Hebrew elohim - "god", the inhabitants of the races are "descended from heaven") and Revealed a "slightly corrected" biblical truth . 1974 Rael published The Book That Tells The Truth and established the movement MADECH (Movement for l'acueli des Elohim createurs de l'humanite , Movement for the welcoming of the Elohim, creators of humanity), which was abandoned a year later. The Rael people's movement was officially founded in 1976, the name of religion began to be called in 1998. In the nineties, movement from France spread to the German-speaking countries : Germany , Austria , Switzerland , and now Rael himself lives in Canada, there A central international headquarters was established , and another international headquarters was established in Geneva (Switzerland) .
John Travolta, a famous Hollywood actor, is also a Scientologist. This film is based on a fantastic novel written by scientologist religion, founder (L.R. Hubbard). The film's plot has many similarities, with scientological doctrines and the very religious history.
If the movement of raelians continues to grow, it has every opportunity to become an official world religion. Scientology is the finest analogue. There are over 20 million followers believing in the religious history of: the alien dictator named Xenu , who had brought billions of people to Earth planet from space and killed them all - 75 million years ago. Founder of Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, a writer of fantasy works , a pseudo-scientist who formally has written mostly fantasy books ( in whole world ) . No one else written more then he did of any genre , to equal the number of books .
The advocates of UFO religion believe that the advent of alien civilizations will help people to overcome current ecological, technological, spiritual and social problems. Using exceptional alien technologies and spiritual abilities, one can solve such problems as: hatred, war, fanaticism, poverty, ecology, etc. . We can define such systems of faith as a religious doctrine (milenarism).
So ... the only question remains. What you want to believe and what do you believe in ?


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