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UFO Overview

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Alien contacts / critical point of view

The Starman


At the press, at least earlier, it was quite often spoken about human contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Some people interested in contacts with aliens are unconditionally confident in any information provided on this topic, another part is skeptical about this information. So, let's look at this ufologic phenomenon, from skepticism and critical thinking.
Billy Meier's relationship with his wife, Kalliope, ended up pretty sharp and violent. In 1997, therefore, Kalliope officially stated in an interview that the Meier's UFO photographs contained patterns that he created from metal bins, crochet hooks and other household items. He also said that the stories Majer had told about his adventures with the arrivals of other constellations was a complete rumor. She confirmed when the journalist asked that the really famous photo of the UFO of the wedding cake was made of a metal bin cover. She also explained that in one of the pictures woman was a friend not an alien , she was wearing glossy foil.
Investigators, anthropologists, sociologists and religious scholars, including Michail Gerstein, chair of the Ufology Commission at the Russian Geographic Society, are investigating this phenomenon. Unfortunately, research shows that most contact users appear to be shouts.
M. Gerstein described the results of his work in the book "Another side of the UFOs", which was skeptical about this ufologic phenomenon. Studies in Russia showed that out of a hundred and six people who said they had contacted the aliens and therefore turned to the Moscow medical center, only four were recognized as healthy. The rest were affected by mental disorders: forty-seven, schizophrenia, forty-psychopathy, seven suffering from intellectual failure, eight were diagnosed with brain pathology, and two were mild-type manic depressive psychosis.
Yekaterinburg's ufologists have invited two independent psychiatric experts who have investigated local contact persons and received similar results: of the thirty previous studies, only two were considered mentally healthy. Seventeen suffered from various forms of schizophrenia, and eleven had other forms of mental disorders.
First of all, you need to define who is the contactee. Contactee is the person who is in contact with an extraterrestrial form of life. Contact may be verbal, physical or "telepathically", resulting in some kind of information. Information can also be transmitted through words or thoughts, but often it is transmitted by writing texts that are dictated by extraneous forms of life in telepathic contact. Information may also be transmitted to drawings or images that are eternized by the contact person.
Of course, it's often difficult to check the authenticity of the information provided by the contactee. The ufologists look at the contact information inflexibly if it is present during any astral contact, e.g. transmitting information at a distance, during automatic writing, in visions or in similar ways. Research shows that such contacts are usually unstable mental people who convey their fantasy as the only truth.
Such people usually react very emotionally when trying to criticize their information. They complain about the authenticity of their information and do not doubt its authenticity. Any suggestion to check the health of a psychiatrist is a ferocious offense. Unfortunately, the authenticity of such information can not be verified. Of course, such contacts provide "evidence" that they have been in contact with aliens from planets, claiming that their bodies have implants inserted.
However, by suggesting to research, whether these are in fact implants, such contactees usually refuse to do so because they already know, that implants exist. Typically, such implants, if they can be checked, have a fat accumulation under the skin and nothing more. But then, people find logically based explanations. The consciousness of such contactees always finds logical explanations for all the criticisms that are expressed about them. But here, the philosopher Gilbert Keith Chesterton is suddenly shouting that "nothing is as logical as a madman".
Ufology tries to be skeptical about information that can not be verified. For example, if a person claims that the information has been transmitted by extraterrestrial from the "Kraka"t planet in the "Gurdum stars" system. We do not have such names in our astronomical catalogs, so information can be fictitious in the face of any mental illness or elemental desire to get acquainted. It has been noted that when the information relates to some specific, verifiable things, contacts often provide a lot of misinformation.
Betty Hill star map, is the perfect example how abductees "evidence" can be made to look coherent .
The ufologists are also skeptical about the demonstration of the messianic complex witnesses. Let's suppose a person has a "contact" with other planet representatives, the galactic council, or a spiritually more advanced civilization, and is affiliated with the aliens' minds , becomes  messiah. That person constantly publishes anything about their contacts. Such individuals claim that they were abducted by aliens, trained them in a variety of things related to their technology or spirituality, and person now must release messages about alien training to Earth. They are the most knowledgeable about the UFOs because they have spent a long time with them and know them as peeled. Of course, followers of such people always occur, and sometimes even suicidal communities are born. For example, the apocalyptic sect Heaven Gates, who believed that the aliens would take them from the Earth and, following the teachings of the founder, committed suicide by drinking the deadly dose of sleep pills.
The most prominent sect of this kind is the raelians, whose founder, the alien named Yahweh, explained the Bible. From that time raelians await the appearance of the aliens on Earth, because they are our creators who will come back. To this end, the raelian people are trying to establish an alien embassy on Earth in any one country, however, yet all the countries have rejected such requests. The Raelian community usually dropping ( left and right ) their booklets which explains Rael's teaching. Not so much difference from the Steven M. Greer and his co produced "Disclosure Project" ir we take UFO as a religious subject based oon pseudo-science to look more convincing/persuasive.
Inheritance of the spiritual alien heritage is also questioned. Because a more "well-read" person will immediately notice, that such spiritual training of aliens usually consists of a cocktail of various earthly religions. Typically, the vast majority is a mix of oriental or esoteric pseudo-Jewish teaching mixed with Christian teaching. The question is why almighty spiritual education is so earthly? These are the same people in the Bible who interpreted the Bible in their own way. What's most interesting is that, according to this teaching, aliens are using ground-breaking technologies such as lasers and nuclear weapons. Even more interesting is the fact that the historical critical method is completely neglected and biblical quotes that are excluded from the general context are given non-reality concepts. And it is astonishing that, at least in a couple of places, there is a great deal of ambition for the aliens to criticize the Vatican.
Also, ufologists do not trust the testimony of such people who are too interested in ufology. It is believed that such individuals can follow false memories in books.
Ufologists are concerned about the reliability of information. So if the information can not be verified, it becomes worthless.
It is interesting to observe what kind of information the aliens provide to the contactees. This is usually the information that the discussion is popular in that era. During the Cold War, the contactees spoke continually about the threat of nuclear war. Later on destroyed forests. At present, often the aliens often talk about the threat of global warming and the Third World War.
This time small story about peole in 2018, who still believe in same pleiadians story, which Billy Meier invented 1975. Now pleaiadians talking about conspiracy theories like "New World Order". Here is one small note about messiah contactee telepathic connection with aliens.
(NOTE; This was a good telepathic connection, as RaTesh and the Pleiadians wish to help us Earth Humans face difficult times, so that we may grow Spiritually, thereby raising our consciousness higher in the Light. These messages are sent to increase our awareness and to aid understanding, not create fear, like our New World Order Elite planners do.)
After analyzing the history of ufology, it is very easy to trace what was relevant to people of one or another age. This is where the question arises, why do strangers speak so well known things that are widely discussed in society? Why do aliens give information to contactees and send them on a the mission to publish what the press/science communities/different organizations are already talking about ? Why aliens do not publish in advance what will be discussed later? For example, why has not been talked about global warming 40 years ago, but just talked about now, although it's relevance was already clear? Are not the strangers so much "Homo-Sapiens" and do not notice the tendencies of development of the land ? but at the same time they are millions and millions years in front of us. Ufologists believe that such testimonies may also be false. Because the person speaks so much known things, but presents them as an unknown truth to anyone.
Another interesting aspect of contacts is that when investigating the history of contacts, depending on the historical stage, the deployment of the alien planet from which they arrived is changing. Every year, the alien's native planet is getting away from the Earth. Only after the abduction "boom" started, all the aliens came from Mars or Venus. Then scientists have shown that on these planets there are no mind-blowing forms of life, the alien native planet has been thrown to the edge of the solar system. Suddenly occurred unknown planet on Solar system, unknown to scientists, from which aliens are flying to Earth.
Scientists have explored the Solar system found out about planets in it, and the aliens have been taken to further stars. Recently, the alien's native planet has deviated so much that they already live in other galaxies, some cantactees say that in "Uranus" planet are living big alien society, but we can't see them, because they are in another dimension. Therefore names of unknown stars appear that can not be verified. Although the coordinates are sometimes known and existing.
I guess everyone remebers the time then ufology community went crazy about "NIBIRU"  planet. History channel showed "documentaries" called "Ancient aliens". All of them were based on believe. Maya calendar/mythology or Book of Enoch which is just another religion story interpreted by "ufologists" to justify their own UFO believe system. Many religious people do that aswell , they justify their believe system on mythology books e.g. Bible or Quran.
What do these contactees statements say to us? Anthropologists associate this with cinematography. More precisely, the situation of the fantastic cinema alien planets has changed. In the very first science fiction movie "Flight to the Moon", built in 1902 (the director Georges Melies), aliens lived just in the "backyard" . Later, in the post-war years, as the science fiction genre developed, aliens came from Mars or Venus. Gradually, in the science fiction cinema aliens home planet went further and further from Earth. Anthropologists are investigating the phenomenon of ufology, making connections between cinema history and contacees. Results surprises in such similarities.
The most important thing is these contact stories, is to critically evaluate any given info and do research before going head-down into the "rabbit hole". Do not condescend the joy of discovery, which resembles consciousness. Critical thinking is the best helper in this case, and each ufologist should first and foremost apply critical thinking and have a skepticism as a part of it, otherwise someone else's unhealthy fantasy will be accepted as reality.


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