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Abduction anatomy

The Starman


In ufology, this term, "abduction," is called when human is/are taken inside the UFO's. Usually abduction takes place without the abductee consent, against his will, but without the use of physical force. Usually this happens as if during the trance, the person himself enters the UFO.


Although testimonies often come up with cases of people being asked if they wanted to be flown in a "flying saucer". However, the cases are rare and usually limited to the 1980-90's of the twentieth century. The most common abduction occurs before the will of the human being, or even without him knowing it.

Two types of abduction can be distinguished here: abduction without return (absolute abduction) and abduction with a return, also called "rotary abduction".

To define the first type of abduction, ufologists suggest a "hypothesis" that people are being abducted by aliens for purpose, e.g: for scientific alien research or for human accommodation on the other planets). Such abductees do not return to the ground. It is known that the statistics of missing people who are unidentifiable are often used. And such people disappear more than one thousand each year. In countries such as Belgium, France, England or Italy alone, between 5 and 20 thousand people disappear every year. Some ufologists are tend to account most of the cases to "absolute abduction".

If we believe one of the most famous ufologists, Budd Hopkins, he is saying that people are chosen from the very earliest childhood for "absolute abduction". The study of people from the very beginning of childhood can be read in the book "Witnessed" by B. Hopkins published. It's an extremely exciting and frightening story with detailed descriptions of abductions and the experiences of the victim. In the opinion of B. Hopkins, such cases of abduction usually begin at the age of 3 to 4, when the first biological samples are taken from the child, although it does't exclude the possibility that observations start in the mother's womb.

Later, during abduction, genetic experiments are carried out. Typically, recollections of abduction remain only in the subconscious and are reproduced only during regression hypnosis, although there are instances where a person is united or in some other circumstance, they suddenly remembers the former abductions. B. Hopkins believes that most health disorders, especially mental disorders, could be explained by the effects of abduction. Here, he sees the increased incidence of depression in society. B. Hopkins believes that the UFO sighters' boom has already passed, but the extraterrestrials operations of has not stopped, evenmore it became more active and is now being carried out in complete secrecy.

"Rotary abduction" is often one-time experience. In the case of such abduction, a person is abducted for various purposes. The most commonly reported cases are medical research. Rarely, visits to other planets are mentioned. However, some ufologists still believe that aliens control the a certain group of people.

The Roper group, specializing in abduction cases, conducted a survey in the United States. In its various states, from 8% to 18% of respondents said they had been abducted at least once. Of course, the testimony of respondents with various mental disorders should be ruled out, which would result in a significant reduction in numbers. We also can suggest that some people lied about expierencing abductions, just because they did not want to be questioned about intimate memories. In any case, ufologists believe that "rotary abduction" is quite common in the world.

Interesting, that cases of "rotary abduction" usually occur in bedrooms. People are taken directly from the bed. Some ufologists believe that most of these abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis. During a sleep paralysis, a person is awake, but his motor functions have not yet been turned on. During this period, feelings of a person's presence near you, body blocking, hallucinations may occur.
In most cases, abduction occurs in complete subjection to human consciousness and will. The most commonly mentioned aliens are referred to as "greys", by ufologists, they are tho most often referred to abduction cases. For other alien races (northerners, reptiles, goblins, etc.), cases of abduction are much less common or not at all.

What are the signs of abduction?

You do not how the scars occur. People often notice scars on their bodies, but do not know where they came from. Such scars usually occur overnight. They are very bright, sometimes painful. Sometimes there is a special shape, such as a triangle or cross. Sometimes such scars eventually disappear. Some ufologists, which practise regressive hypnosis often hear stories of how scars have emerged due to aliens "medical research".

Missing time. In the case of abduction, often the clock stops temporarily. A person just observes that his clock is late by one hour, but does not remember where that hour was spent. There are cases when the whole group, which was supposedly abducted, has the same missing time lapse. Of course, this does not mean that you have been kidnapped every time your watch is delayed or show incorrect time. However, such cases are quite often described in ufology literature.

Occasionally, abductors find so-called "implants" in their bodies. It's usually unclear how the pieces of metal come into the body, although sometimes they come from other materials. Typically, the materials from which the implants are made are rare but found on the Earth. This is a rather interesting phenomenon, because these implants appear in the body without any clear entrance. The victim simply finds hardening of the skin, and the doctor then extracts an implant from that place. Most often, implants are found in the upper extremities, behind the eyes or nasal cavity. According to conspiracy theories, the purpose of implants is to track people and report their location to extraterrestrials. Sometimes they say, implants help control the lives of the abductees.

Blood on the pillow. This is also one of the signs that you've experienced abduction. Of course, blood on the pillow can occur for very natural reasons, but ufologists distinguish this symptom as one of the possible.

The unexpected fear of clowns and aliens. If a person has been kidnapped, he may subconsciously start to fear the aliens. Any movie with grey aliens will scare them horribly. The subconscious draws a picture of the grey alien. Most likely due to unnaturally raised (bigger) with makeup clown eyes that resemble grey alien eyes.

Easy Surrender to Hypnosis. Since, as has been said, in the case of abduction, a person's will and consciousness are enslaved, he is likely to had some kind of hypnosis. After he should give it away quite easily when trying to hypnotize him.


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