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Another wildly inconsistant blog spot

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Okay so I know that it’s been a while since my last post, I do sometimes forget as I do a hell of a lot of writing in my non plugged in to the interwebs life. So one might ask what does this U.M. Weirdo write about? Well that’s a good question. I am currently working on a series of short stories for some horror serials, as well as some high fantasy sword and sorcery stuff.

I have some dr. Who fan fiction (sorry newer whovians, I mostly write stories about doctors 1-7), perhaps I might post some of that as it’s just fan fiction and I am not under contract obligation to the BBC (who owns the  rights to the Who franchise). Don’t wanna get sued so had to throw that part in.

my weird stuff  is generally well received here so I will always throw a bit of that in as well, such as my demented children stories. One of which is called Billy the Bee who does what bees do and that is sting people etc. So never let a yeti piddle in your spaghetti kids, not only do you get unwanted hairs you have to explain to the dentist but the pee isn’t all that great either.  So on that note I tap my “Rabid Wombat” And run to the hills.

Have a good wharzombleu and keep those spatulas off of the floor, tata for now.

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