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Weird Al to be next intergalactic ambassador

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If and when aliens come to earth hopeing for a good deal at our global yard sale, they should be greated by Weird Al.  How great would that be? The great polka comedian as our ambassador.

We couldn’t have William Shatner he would just date the hot one, Bill Cosby? Can we say roofies kids? Of course we can.  Dr. Demento could be the mc but not kanye west, auto tune would probably be the intergalactic middle finger and then Zappo we would be exterminated.

Thinking about Daleks, no pepper pots aloud. Terry Nation might have been given the Dalek plans by aliens themselves.  If this were the case not even Weird Al and the sweet caress of his accordian could save us.

Could squirrels lay eggs? If they could they would probably be poisonous.

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