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Never sizzle bacon in the nude

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With a title like that it should be obvious but you might be surprised. Oh wait you wanted an anidotical story to go with that? Well I personally have never done that, not much for cooking while watching “free willey”. Who would be really, other than a masochist.  There other hobbies I have that are much less likely to put me on a Darwins list.

I used to do weird things when I was youn.... scratch that, I still do weird things but they aren’t super cringe worthy. Unless you count watching asian films because I find them to be a hell of a lot better than what Hollywood has to offer.  I do have to admit I have been geeking out on the MCU. (Bacon)

Cooking bacon on a open camp fire can be awesome, just use one of those wire fish cooky things.  I believe that’s the proper term. “So you’re not feeling well after a nights worth of drinking? How ‘bout some bacon, you’ll feel better in no time.” Damnit Jim Gaffigan just showed up to my home with a box of hot pockets. Gotta run.

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Hmmm..yes, I suppose if one cooks in the buff then one's "free willy" is gonna get burned (ahem....)

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