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Remembering the safe word/phrase

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I have a super power.  That’s right a bonafide super power, and some people can’t stand it.  Please let me explain.

I was out having a bite at a local sub sandwich shop and I was chating with one of the employees as I am a semi regular customer. Anyway i said something fairly snarky and another customer laughed as the were sucking down a soda. Needless to say but yep it came back pout the nose. The employee asked if they were okay etc and they said ya but went into the bathroom to clean up a bit.

I said that was my super power to get people to launch liquids out their nose, but I can’t be looking at them. The employee looked sceptacle but my wife jumped in and said that she has seen me do it before and that she has fallen victim too it at least 4-5 times a year.

the best was a table full of people at a bar, one because of what I said and 2 others in response to the first. Once almost got a friend to set himself on fire. Got him to laugh while drinking scotch. Left nose into campfire, fire flairs up and he launches back. Like a good Scot, doesn’t spill a drop.

So better rmember the safe phrase anf hope I am not n the same bar with you while my backs turned cause you will feel the burn.

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