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Part 11 Update

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Lunar Wolf


Now you may be wondering why I have not been making status posts, and this is because it seems to be a big problem that I make large status updates, they are updates, quick, but also long as, because shocker, people have more than just one thing on their minds. Besides that, yes I did repost them a lot, but I never got to get the feedback because over and over they got deleted. And then when I tried to give you guys a link to a place where I can make long status updates without being nagged at, that too for some reason or another is a big problem.

So for the time being, until I can make status updates again, though I agreed to the terms that were given in order for me to make them again, I will not be on here a huge deal. So for a bit, I will just stay off here. I will be spending my time updating stories on fanfiction under the author name of Evil's Wolf, on Quotev again stories and polls at Evil's Wolf, and then on Roosterteeth at Wolfzer99 making posts and other related actions. I may come back in a little time or make small updates here if anything of great importance happens. Otherwise, I am going to be focusing more time on my stories and the different ways of improvement and how I can make new stories and extend the concept of some of my other stories.

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