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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Haunted Camptonville, CA

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By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com


On April 7 & 8, 2018 - Saturday and Sunday, there was a Camptonville Ghost Tour scheduled.  HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) was to get a table to display our equipment, books, cleansing materials, etc.  We planned to do a bit of networking and hand out our business cards to the ghost hunting enthusiasts.   Holly Ulrey Bell who conducted a few investigations with HPI, invited us to this event.  I was supposed to be a guest speaker and when everything was said and done, we were going on a ghost tour.  Some of the HPI members that wanted to attend this event were Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Abigail Williams, Kathy Payne Foulk, Xandean Smith and Sally Johnston.  Unfortunately, since there will be rain on Saturday, the event was canceled.  Camptonville is expecting 5 inches of rain.  They are rescheduling for April 28 & 29, 2018 and I believe some of our HPI investigators will show up to this event.  Unfortunately once more, Deanna and I, will not be able to attend the event, because we will be in San Francisco.  We are taking a ferry boat from Vallejo to SF and spending the day in SF.  The San Francisco trip was already on our schedule. 



April 7 & 8, 2018 Saturday and Sunday - Time to be there on both days: 2pm: HPI has been invited to the Camptonville Ghost Tour. HPI will have their own table and all of the investigators are invited. Bring your equipment, so you can display it on the table. There will be live music and lots of interaction with visitors. At 5pm, I will be giving a presentation / speech. This is all FREE! We are to meet at: 15333 Cleveland Avenue - Community Center - Camptonville, CA.  At 8pm they are having a ghost tour and that is not free and they are having a fundraiser, in case you want to donate anything. That will be up to you. No pressure. 


Doing some research, I learn that Camptonville is very haunted.  I will give you some bits and pieces on the history of Camtonville and the paranormal activity that has taken place in Camptonville.  In 1850 gold was struck in Camptonville.  Camptonville during that time was known as Gold Ridge.  The town blacksmith was Robert Campton and in 1854, the town was named after Robert Campton.  There are stories that Robert Campton may still haunt the town, because a man wearing a black suit with coat tails has been seen walking around the post office area.  A resident named Menon Doyle from Marysville says that Robert Campton loved this town so much, his soul is still around to watch over the town.  Menon says that the locales believe the apparition that they have seen is Robert Campton.  The locals compare the apparition to a portrait of Robert Campton and how the apparition looks like the portrait. 

That is one of the possible ghosts.  A few houses in Camptonville are known to be haunted.  More on the history.  Camptonville was a significant community during the California Gold Rush era.  Travelers would definitely stay for a spell, especially since the town in the 1850s and up to the 1860s boasted fifty saloons, some brothels and even a bowling alley.  Most travelers descended upon Camptonville from the Henness Pass, a major route that went over the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Present time Camptonville now has:  a Lost Nugget Gas Station and convenience store; a post office; Camptonville Elementary School; a monument to the Pelton wheel, the inventor of which lived here in the 1860s; and the original Mayo Saloon; currently home to a restaurant and bar called Burgee Dave's at the Mayo; and the Yuba River Ranger District Office of the Tahoe National Forest, which is also the headquarters of the Tahoe Hotshots fire crew.


Danella Eaton from Yuba City says that her grandfather used to hunt near and around Camptonville and on one particular day, he spied a large buck, the buck looked behind him and seemed startled.  The buck darted away quickly.  Danella's grandfather couldn't figure out why the buck ran away, because he felt that he was as quiet as a mouse.  A few seconds passed and Danella's grandfather heard the breaking of branches.  The sounds came closer and closer.  Finally the sounds stopped.  Danella's grandfather looked up and he saw a huge hairy man.  The face was of a man, but the body of this creature was covered with thick matted brown fur.  The creature was at least 12 feet tall.  As Danella's grandfather was watching the creature, the creature looked at him and gave out a mighty roar.  Danella's grandfather ran like the dickens to get away from the creature.  As Danella's grandfather reached his vehicle, he looked back and on top of the hill was the creature watching him.  After that experience, Danella's grandfather stopped hunting and he had nightmares that centered around that encounter with the creature.


A resident of Orangevale who does not want to be identified makes claim that one time while walking in Camptonville during dusk hours, he heard laughter, a woman screaming, piano playing, glass breaking, feet shuffling and what sounded like two men arguing. As he stood by, the sounds continued. Finally the Orangevale resident was very curious on where the sounds were coming from. He found himself walking towards the epicenter on where the sounds were originating. When he approached the epicenter, the sounds stopped. When the sounds stopped, other sounds seemed to stop also, he no longer could hear the sounds of crickets or the sounds of birds chirping.


Lorna Whittenbach from Scottsdale, Arizona was visiting her mother that lives near Camptonville and she makes claim that she encountered 3 spectral horses grazing in a nearby field. The horses looked healthy and majestic. Lorna wanted to photograph them and approached the horses cautiously. As she went to snap a photo of the 3 spectral horses, they just vanished and when she looked at her photo, there was nothing in her photo except for grass, the hillside and a few bushes. Lorna calls the 3 horses, her Magic Horses. Lorna says after her encounter with the horses, she had some good fortune fall upon her. She was in extreme debt and was thinking about filing for bankruptcy before encountering the Magic Horses. The good luck came about after she encountered the Magic Horses. Lorna received some financial benefits that dissolved her debt. She is now debt free and she gives credit to the Magic Horses.  


HPI will be going to Camptonville at the end of April 2018. I am anxiously awaiting to see what evidence of paranormal activity will be found when HPI places their boots on the ground. A defunct paranormal investigation group from Willows, California called W.S.U. (Willows Spectral Unity) makes claim that when the visited Camptonville, CA – they captured 6 EVPs. One of the EVPs was a Class A EVP that says…”no whisky tonight”. This Class A EVP was that of a gruffy sounding man. WSU also says they captured many orb pictures and 2 pictures of what looks like mist. WSU at the time had 3 male members and one of the members claims he was touched inappropriately. The leader of WSU says he may have been touched by a ghostly prostitute from one of the former brothels that were once in this town. WSU confirms that this town is indeed haunted.

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