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The Darkness of The Deep

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The Clairs: Psychic Abilities?

Not A Rockstar


Too much gets made of the "clairs" in my opinion. Everyone has them, it is not something beyond normal, though some people use them more and are more open to them. Some may dispute this, but, in my experience none of them are available on demand and they do not work exactly the way you might hope at the time. I am not addressing Remote Viewing in this blog post. 

Clairvoyance is an ability which allows people to see things which are not literally present with the person seeing them. They can be like a flash - as if a movie screen turned on and then off of an action scene in a film and left you still standing in your kitchen at home confused over what you just saw for 15 seconds. I read stories about this happening to people who have someone close to them in vehicle crashes, like a Mother when her child is in a wreck. A flash scene and then later, a phone call. 

Sometimes it can be much more involved. I got a flash dream one night that came like a data burst across my senses and woke me up in a panic and I reached for the phone and called my dearest person other than my wife and woke her up, told her what I saw as it unfolded in my mind's eye. I was seeing the disaster that Katrina was going to bring in New Orleans and warning my spiritual sister there. She believed me, packed her household and three young children up and got out. Her two story house was a complete loss and spent weeks under water to the roofline. They would have died had she not been somewhere other than her "safe" home. That never happened to me before, nor since, like that, though I work with my "clairs" a great deal.

In readings it sometimes kicks in and while I am talking to a client, I will sometimes see things in the back of my mind's eye, as if my brain is seeing, though my literal eyeballs aren't seeing it or getting the imagery. Often it has little to do with the reading, might be their house or I might see a person I am talking to them about and from it will describe them, so they know who it is I am seeing.

Clairaudience is what I think of as a companion sense to Clairvoyance. Unless you are a channel, it does not usually stand on its own clearly to be defined. It is like clairvoyance, except it is sound. Your brain gets sound information without your ear drum literally ever moving or registering anything. I see a lot of posts from people claiming they hear their name being called and wanting to know what it is about. The answer is it can be your imagination, or maybe you are having an experience with clairaudience. 

I was doing a reading for a friend the other day and as we talked, I was seeing her neighborhood, the building she lived in, and a busy roadway nearby - typical for me when I have a real good connection for the read. As I saw it, I could hear the traffic sounds. That is clairaudience, a sort of enhancer for the other two clairs. In theory, I suppose someone might have only this gift and be able to read from sounds alone, but, I have not heard of it, so cannot speak to that.

Clairsentience is a supposedly psychic skill of sensing things which aren't obviously there to be felt. This is one of the harder skills to explain for me. I think of it as an inner barometer for me. When I walk into allegedly haunted places it is how I feel out the space and determine what is there, or what is not. More to the point, when I was a cop I used this when I was alone and had to go into a building I found broken into to not end up with my head bashed in or shot at. When you are commonly the only officer for an entire end of a county on the night shift, it is handy to have well honed. 

My sense of an area radiates within me, it is felt inside, warnings are sort of more radiant in the direction of the threat and I focus my senses this way and they get clearer then or clairvoyance may kick in then and I perceive a flash of two kids hiding or something like that when I was working. Or more commonly, I would feel nothing but coldness, and the place was empty in fact. I could know this from the entryway or shortly into the place, but always checked it all for the business owner, and never felt any need to explain. Let them see the physical search, it was what they trusted in and what my official report required anyway. My "psychic" senses were just to keep my own hide intact and nobody else's business. 

I know there are some practitioners who have an ability to hold an item and read things about the owner. I have zero of this ability, and so nothing to say beyond that it is related to clairsentience.

Why I do not make much of the "Clair" sisters is because I think everyone has them. Gut feelings, a hunch, a sense of warning. Ancient survival instincts from being the hunter or the hunted as we evolved from the original wilds to our modern wilds today. I got a vision of Katrina. I am dead sure many others got bad feelings about it and either left or called friends there and begged them to come up for the week "just in case". Most would never credit some psychic gift for it, and do not have to. We all have these sisters, they are inherent to most humans, in my opinion. Just some of us run into them enough we get to noticing them. It does not make you special for having them. Let us get real about this, pride is an ugly thing, so hit the dirt and stay real, please. 

For those wondering how to work with this more inside themselves, I do not know what to say, really. Be open to it as a possibility natural to you. Keep a written record, like a journal. Watch your imagination and don't let it get the better of you. I still had my gun out while clearing those buildings even if I really was sure no one was there. So should you :).

I write to serve.


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On 4/9/2018 at 4:41 PM, XenoFish said:

I honestly think that most psychic abilities are just misunderstood survival instinct. Since we're not under constant threat of wild beast. These natural skills have atrophied.

I agree to a certain agree Xeno. I fall within two of the three 'sisters' reach, reality is, I can't explain it. Best I can do is to say that survival instinct/ six sense really vibrant in me and pics up op surrounding energy? But I can't deny it as such...

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On 8/12/2018 at 12:42 AM, DebDandelion said:

I agree to a certain agree Xeno. I fall within two of the three 'sisters' reach, reality is, I can't explain it. Best I can do is to say that survival instinct/ six sense really vibrant in me and pics up op surrounding energy? But I can't deny it as such...

You can dress it up however you'd like, but it still comes down to instinct. Even intuition is based on instinct and experience. Our brains love patterns and will seek them in all kinds of things, cross reference this natural function with an individuals beliefs and you might get 'psychic' abilities.

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