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The Darkness of The Deep

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Crazy Dreams: Psychic Life

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Not A Rockstar


When one speaks of the usual senses, such as sight or hearing, everyone knows what it is like, and how it should be. If I say I heard a train today, everyone knows roughly what I heard. If ask you to repeat what you just said to me, despite you speaking in a normal voice, you would guess right off I might be hearing impaired. This sort of thing is easy as we all share the sense, and we all usually develop along the same lines, into the same normal range. It is the same with vision. We even have specialists who can adjust our vision with glasses to be the same as everyone else.

But, when it comes to anything beyond that, outside the range of normal for the majority to experience and relate to, problems can arise. We can question ourselves, our friends and family may question us, and most certainly the world is full of people who seem obsessed with denying and questioning anything anyone tries to say or ask about outside the range deemed normal. Most of us tend to fall in line and decide it was simply imagination or misunderstood and never have to deal with it again.

For some, however, an experience comes along which will not fit in the normal range and cannot be blamed on imagination. For example having a crazy nightmare of your friend being a car wreck and getting out scared but with a cut on her arm. You wake up thinking it was a crazy dream, confused what in the world could have inspired a mad dream like that and go back to sleep. You find out the next day at school that your friend was, in fact, in a car wreck the evening before and got a cut on her arm and will be alright but out of school for a day or two.

This sort of experience defies being rationalized away and happens to thousands of people. Something you could not possibly have known, coming to you in a way that is confusing but succeeded in getting the information to you. A dream for one person, a sort of waking vision for another, a bad feeling lingering for no reason and the friend constantly coming to mind. Followed by independent confirmation, this is impossible for someone to ignore or accept it is not a valid and true experience they went through. 

What typically comes next is a need to understand for most rational people who experience something like this. There are few sources for good information. If you are lucky, you know of a person who does this more often who will recognize what you are talking about and can explain. Maybe you will run into someone online on a forum who has some good information for you. More likely, though, you may run into those who are compelled to respond with rationalistic answers. It is delusion, you are lying, or some feat of explanation which far surpasses simply accepting that something really unusual sounding happened to you.

For someone who has not experienced this sort of thing, they expect it to be like any other sense, or else it is wrong. You always can hear, so if it is a "real" sense it has to always be on also. When you see a color chart, if you have normal vision, you can identify accurately every color there, so if this is a real sense, you have to be right 100% of the time. If one "psychic" can see what is hidden inside a locked box, then if you are psychic you can do the same thing the same way. This can be really upsetting and further confuse you.

Here is some survival guidance for you. 

If you are really upset and alarmed, your sleep is disturbed or you are hearing or seeing things urging you to harm yourself or someone else, if it a negative thing, is disrupting your life or affecting your health and well being, do seek medical help, or a mental health counselor to rule out anxiety or depression or some other cause. We all can fall victim to stress or prolonged tension from deaths close to us, family set backs, or other trauma and need some expert advice on how to cope better with harsh periods in our lives. It does not make you crazy or wrong to need some specialized advice. Once you are through this you will be better able to help someone else going through it and recognize it early for them and be able to encourage them to find their answers too. If your "psychic" claim is pretty wild, don't be angry or hurt if people suggest you need to check out yourself and your mental health and be sure you are alright. They might very well be right. You will get nowhere in life if you do not learn the ability to consider yourself honestly and determine if they might be correct. Stress can do crazy things to us. 

Be wise and consider the platform you are asking on. If it is the internet, and a forum of the caliber that the one this blog is hosted on is, featuring a broad array of experience and its share of sceptics, expect a broad array of replies. Also be aware it gets claims from the full spectrum of people daily, ranging from liars faking it and bored kids, to seriously unstable people who actually need mental intervention and all those in between. Be clear what you are asking, do not exaggerate, keep in mind they do not know you and also keep in mind you do not know who you are replying to. Respect goes a long way.

If you are actually fine with what happened and simply wishing to know why or what happened, then accept such responses as people being concerned who may not understand or else don't have enough information from you to correctly assess what you are trying to describe. Focus on those replies which seem to address what you are needing and ask questions and don't get down on yourself. If you just react and get rude or angry you will lose a lot of ground and credibility for what you are saying happened to you.

I can tell you that sometimes this sort of thing will happen once or twice over years and nobody will be able to tell you why it did that. You may never have answers as to why you saw this person, or were shown that. Things just lined up that way, maybe to show you it is possible and get you looking out there with new eyes to learn more about it. Unlike the normal senses, a so-called "psychic" sense can be different for everyone who has an experience with it. It can reveal one detail and skip the next dozen. It can make little sense. I think this is because we are not that great at receiving it right, and it takes a while to get better at it. I am not sure if this a new skill range trying to manifest among us more, or an old one some of us connect with and have to learn over again. My personal opinion is we can all potentially experience it at times, some more than others, and some of us are simply shut down in this area and never will readily understand it or even believe in some cases. 

It is like a dream, not easy to control, sometimes seemingly random, often ambiguous or with inexplicable details that do not seem to fit, and other major details apparently left out illogically. You can do better, with work, understand more, if it stays around. In any case, it does make you realize we know less than we think about the ranges we are capable of, once you have seen something like this yourself which has no outside explanation, and maybe that is what makes it the most interesting when it does happen.

I write to serve.

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