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Roc Koch

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The Moire Arena

Roc Koch


Herein lies the remaining Bequeathal to Start the Final Becoming 

One must know well what took place here in this sector of the projected illusion or the known Universe (as experienced by multifaceted mentality). It is possible to read, hear and see all of its symbolic data sensed by "our" collective mind. If reviewed repetitively one may hold its memory fast to carry it back to the source. This device of being here (existence) is of singular scope in its construction and its message to you is the secret of being here in Time/Space. Its development via the One or All was selected for expression in a modality for justice and worth - consequence. The Laws of Consequence hold sway in all leveraged happenstance. One cannot hide from its force -- It is the fabric of this endless experience. 

It was long ago for Time and always for Timelessness that this deeply hidden experience "became"... due to the massiveness of the parameters of the reissuing (feedback looping) event. It, the event was long seen but held in little esteem until the rapidity of the parts of its issuance were realized by the multifaceted humanity itself. Now, this collective generation shall know all of its parts toward the whole of existence by striving to know the elements and principals of its design...The Design of Is or The I am that I am. 

Holding all of this illusion to the law of consequence is also the parameters of gravity the all-encompassing sheath of this illusion's issuance - the broadcast of being. Gravity is the atmosphere of expression in this Godly programme where information or mind is held within all its apparentness. This information is the electromagnetic spectrum of hierarchal echelons of mental articulation. Its program is geometric and fractal in its relationship to all facets of interlink and feedback. Inherent within its expression exists the idiosyncrasies of creativity held in the elements and principals of design. Its degree of perfection by unity is perceived as beauty or ultimate choice no matter the degree of Chaos, the zenith of Unity. Beauty signals the ultimate test of the soulular traveler to overcome his self and see the Other. All elementals of this program are numerically derived from the holo-spirited movement or generative order creating sequential Time within Space and the Void. 

Created was the Moiré Arena, the realm wherein and whereby all movement and leveraging is accomplished for the amplification of the monadic reality whose seat lies within the depths of eternal Timelessness. Its charge is to issue into the arena of being. This realm of existence is the Matrix or Arena of Being in Time/Space where learning through the Laws of Consequence undulates within all its parts through the sequences of events held within the dictates of apparent time. The program of being is projected into the realm form or programmed broadcast from infinity, where all is held in the bosom of creative monadic mentality -- seat of Eternity or No Time. This realm of eternity is not unlike The Dreamscape where all who exist in this "being state" return home periodically or every night to recharge the collective intellect on all levels and dimensions. It has been said that one dies every night when they enter into the dream world. The Truth is not far from this. 

This entire arena is the projection lived within and broadcast by the One aspect of the multifaceted reality. We are the parts of its Whole and have always been and will always be. Now, the Part shall know the Whole from the above to the below and back. 


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23 hours ago, StarMountainKid said:

I wish I had thought of that.

Hidden within us all is the collective memory of our being here in Time/Space. If one meditates they may find the secret of our MIND. As above, so below. 

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