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Roc Koch

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Why polarize and fragment our known reality?

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Roc Koch


Point-of-Departure...The BURGEONING! 

In the fifth century, Saint Augustine indicated that God created the universe out of and outside of time.   Timelessness is an interesting subject to think on scientifically as well as spiritually. Ask a scientist the ultimate why, and he will say we came from no thing. Then ask him to explain what no thing is -- It will probably look about like the clothes that the emperor was wearing, the day the little boy decided to think for himself and find deeper meaning in the apparentness found inside the soul. Half of science is an assumption (educated guess) -- the other half manifests in a fabricated illusion built upon known parts with no relationship to the totality.   Science is done while we preoccupy ourselves with "their" reality.   Humanity must return to waiting for the one who whispers to our deepest consciousness...the truths of being. Einstein called this mental-abyss, the little "Old Man" inside of us. He may point to the Burgeoning of Humanity. 

It was once said that the face of God is a fraction past, and inclusive of the optical nerve and what drives it.   Godhood is not necessarily conceptual, it (the Absolute) is being and becoming and only the created (crystallized) can be thought upon as it issues forth from the generative order or the Void that we do not presently understand. The Absolute is ongoing, nonlinear, non-local (to our perception), self-similar, self-organizing, and creative. Whatever else it is cannot be known by one mind (a part or child of...), total perception can only be known by totality. The part can never know the whole while it is the part. It must join the whole for total knowing.   It is believed that Buddha did this and Christ was always this. The "Me" must embrace (love, know, join or be aware of) the Other, because the Other is the Me (the all-self). We are in this together. The joining becomes the Essence. 

Einstein offered many clues to the real secret to knowing our existence. It has been reported that he somehow believed deeply in mystical possibilities, knowing that a balance of science and spiritual concepts held the secrets of true knowing. These double icons of wisdom, working in unison, would in the end put mankind on a new threshold of understanding. Each point of departure would really reinforce and compliment the other when humanity finally adopted the right path of perceptive ascension. Einstein's quest was to attain the gestalt-view and his life showed that one without the other was lame. Yet our scientific and religious society continues to polarize the great avenues of wisdom to fragment humanity into fruitless pursuits through ambitious leveraging for power. Polarization may be the ultimate evil. We must become aware of our surroundings to a higher degree. Think deeper! 

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