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Letter to Conservatives

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Aquila King


Dear Conservatives,

I've spent many months on here debating you on various political issues, and have come to a number of realizations. It has come to my attention that Trump's supporters are unable to accept verifiable truths about him and themselves, as well as lack the ability to empathize with the plights of others. 'Losing' an argument when you are right just because the other person doesn't  understand what you're saying is probably one of the most infuriating things in the entire universe. Yet I've learned from my many discussions with you that it's important to know when to stop arguing with people, and simply let them be wrong.

Many of you will say: "You just can't see things from my perspective"  or "That's just my opinion." I'm reminded of single-panel web comic I saw once that had a painted number 6 on the ground, with two people on opposite sides of it. One person says in a little word bubble: "That's a six!" while the other one says "That's a nine!" The point of the cartoon was to show how different perspectives can lead you to different conclusions, but the inherent problem here is that one of those people is objectively wrong. Someone painted either a six or a nine. In order to find out which it is, they need to back up and orient themselves, see if there are any other numbers to align it with. Maybe there's a driveway or a building to face, or they can ask someone who actually knows?

People having an uninformed opinion about something they don't understand and proclaiming their opinion as being equally valid as facts is what is ruining the world. No one wants to do any research, they just want to be right. So no, conservatives, your 'opinions' are irrelevant when they contradict objectively verified facts. I have presented numerous statistics, polls, data, charts, etc. to you on any number of occasions on here, but they do no good. Instead of conforming your beliefs to fit the data, you routinely insist that your 'opinions' and 'perspectives' are different and somehow equally viable despite your contradictions with objective reality. To deny an objectively verifiable truth and persist in a falsehood in spite of said truth is to live one's life in a delusional fantasy.

Furthermore, you have proven routinely to me time and time again that you lack the most basic forms of human empathy. I genuinely do not know how to argue empathy at somebody. I don't want concert goers and school children to be routinely slaughtered in hailstorms of bullets. You don't care. I don't want some kid's first memory to be that of a jackbooted deportation force kicking down their door and ripping their father from them. You don't care. I don't want a mother to bury their child solely because she couldn't swing $600 for a two-pack of epipens. You don't care. I have also encountered conservatives on here who call for the innocent wives and children of suspected terrorists to be murdered. I've seen conservatives call for torture. I've seen conservatives label innocent civilians as legitimate targets of war. Some have even called for entire nations to be nuked, if not at the very least consider a preemptive nuclear strike as being a viable option that should be left on the table, literally calling for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.

There is no excuse for any of the above thoughts, words, or actions that I have listed above. Every day you conservative Trump supporters wake up and deflect, but-what-about, twist, bend, contort, and echo whatever vile, clubfooted rationalization that keeps you from having to admit that you're not just complicit in, but in fact actively facilitating, this nightmare of a reality so many people are experiencing. I care about facts, and I care about other people. You do not. It's as simple as that. Therefore any discussion with you is both pointless and a waste of my time. Consider this letter as my official resignation from any further discussions with you. Your immoral falsehoods have nothing of value to contribute to my life, and there is clearly no reaching you on any partisan political issue. I will simply vote for who I vote for, as well as encourage those who do care about facts and other people to vote as well.  I wish you the best of luck in your war against reality.

Yours respectfully, a logical liberal.

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