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Roc Koch

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Being and Becoming in Time/Space...

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Roc Koch


How powerful is the act of "seeing?" Few of us ever stop to think of this awesome operation of perceiving the manifest universe via on board sensory systems built into our very being. Seeing is equated with beliefs, but total sensory contact with reality goes beyond just the traditional five sensory experiences that has enlightened our philosophers and scientists to the point of seeking the ultimate answers to our precise existence.

Mankind’s oldest records say that ancient man was in awe at the sight of light (light is invisible, its effect is seen), and its energizing amplification of experiential processes. Man spent much time writing and meditating upon the complexities of the visual flame. To perceive the world beyond simple, yet empiric-measuring terms was his contribution to us. But did he know what we are only just now coming to understand through quantum physics? Add the new breakthrough technologies like holography, fractal geometry, virtual reality, bio-tech, nanotechnology, and others -- then, you are speaking of powerful concepts worthy of worship.

If perception is the "quantifier" of the world of reality, could this world also be an illusion created by the process of the essence -- the greatest of all virtual realities? Men of old thought that this world we live in was the projected playground of God. That he lived through each localization or being-of-atomic-makeup (all parts of the universe) in a many faceted dance of the elements -- matter. His Essence was the Universe of Megalight, which includes every pixel, or every particle composed of matter -- light -- DNA; and, light indicates prior knowledge, before events.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley people were the intellects of the mysteries handed down in myth. Some of their most ancient traditions, reflected within the living Hindu religion, seeped through to us from the past in the form of Vedas or songs-of-life, which were recorded in archaic Sanskrit. The secrets of a powerful past lie hidden in what these ancients quantified from their perceptions.

The old texts of the Hindu indicate that reality was a love-act of "seeing" the gods (Devas) or "bright ones," and to be mirrored by that power with an observation or feedback. The process of "seeing" the deity was the sacred part of life called "Dar-san." The believer was consecrated by just the act of Dar-san and thus became all knowing, or worthy of being. Seeing was a form of touching or quantifying (measuring for value). The eye that comprehended the All was the third eye, which went beyond five-sensory perception into the realm of intuition and hyperphysics. The world of the ancient Hindu was many faceted and many godded -- what some would term "Holospirited."

The act of worship for one god was termed "kathenotheism." In this process the devotee’s Dar-san activated and energized the god focused upon. The god became a reality in the life of the beholder, and was no longer a wave, but a particle or part of god, once observed. This many faceted holomovement of "be-ness or being-ness" came to be a part of the religion of Hinduism, the oldest surviving religion of modern man. The very purpose of living to a Hindu is to get out of the feedback loop, and to get off the wheel of existence -- to escape the cycle of manifestation. The goal is to merge into the ultimate and absolute ONCE once again -- to return to the dream or creative element that is timeless. When outside the mega-holographic field of the universe, the being returns to the realm we visit when we release consciousness from the quantifiable form.

Quantum Physics is today’s great measuring devise for all mathematics that make up this, the greatest of all virtual realities. We live in, on and through the greatest assemblage computer of all in a broadcast. It is in an overwhelming movement of quantum reality seeming to comprehend itself through constant feedback-looping to calculate and recalculate at blinding speed, its very becoming known prior. 

It is an electromagnetic broadcast that is both waves and particles, interacting with gravity and the weak/strong nuclear force (the three facets of Godhead). Each quality is fundamental and is the very dual personality of manifestation. Neither state of being is complete unto itself, but both states are necessary to give us a complete holo-field of reality. We can never know both states at once, thus never knowing the particulate or wave at one time. As an illusive wave, reality smears out over space where it seems to be everywhere at once, gathering quantum information about the probability of some potential state. Amplify this process to interconnect and influence everything else in space, as it is moving, and you have what we discern as reality within Sequential Time.

This reality is the opposite of the Big Bang...rather, the universe is the Big Broadcast of the Quantinuum, which gets its power from an unseen state of dreams or creative potential -- what some call God. This unseen state exists in timelessness and is thus not able to be quantified. Some see this great broadcast of quantum potential as the ultimate virtual reality, which communicates within and without inner, connected matter. This reality issues from a dream potential background or field into the illusive material state of being and becoming.

The edges of our distant memory about being within this realm are smooth, with few, if any perturbations in the conscious state. Beyond this world lies the potential and its continuum of mindscape or dreamscape. In this world, everything is known at once. Some say we are in touch with the frontiers of a mental hyper-fractal feedback loop that interconnects both beginning and end in an infinite process full of change. Many have equated the mind with the universe. Perhaps we all share this mind on some other level as it seeks to experience existence via ultra-sophistication built beyond the particulate level, on toward the gestalt collection of the One.

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