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Roc Koch

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Examining The Why of our Being and Becoming..

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Roc Koch


Mankind languishes against the chaos of issues that impact present human learning-curve dynamics. We want to make inculcation of wisdom more positive for our society, our children and their futures, but with the establishment of each new government program, group, coalition, or select committee we only skirt around the real issues that curse humanity's lack of interest. To look into ourselves for deeper truth, seems to strike fear in most of us. Because of socialistic and liberal government, our society has turned away from personal responsibility seeking a free ride instead.   The tacit infrastructure, what some call the "informational float" (the media portrayed standards or political correctness and social manipulation) has made the rhetorical discrepancies of this "secret subject"(Truth that lies within our own selves) taboo to public discussion. Why? 

Secret subjects include the void, life and death, existence, the continuum, male and female secret desires (fantasies), evil, and the many guilt-filled fears that no one person can articulate. We think our major desire is to be loved and perhaps that constant search for meaning remains in powerful control of all we survey and accomplish in life. Man desires recognition and therein lies the root to selfishness. Preoccupation with the self starts the first negative route to living the eternal illusion. Most peoples of Earth little realize the depth of our existence/s. There are massive truths that hide behind our very manifestation/death. These truths hide in Zep Tepi's mists.    

Perhaps we are too caught up in desire. Early on, we use all the tools to position for this ultimate feeling (desiring the validation of others), and for some of us more assertive beings, it requires brute force or just being "cute" in order to get results. Riding an on-board-talent leveraged by sheer selfishness, eventually gets us away from accomplishing the higher goals that we should be born to through our own spiritual effort. Most of us forget that spirit stuff and just look for cute babes or hunks. We begin to buy into the "flip" illusion that pop culture positions as the ultimate attainment. Flip culture hides in our very midsts reinforced by leveraging tools provided by media psychologists bent on propaganda.   

Some say the avoidance of the "unspeakables" start before birth, others say the condition starts early in babyhood; whenever, the fact that some human entities receive massive reinforcement for "cuteness" is evident within virtually every aspect of American and worldy culture. One needs only to observe the shopping malls to see cuteness in action. Being cute is a condition or curse that some of us are born with. It is having the looks and actions of expressiveness built within our needs to be loved or shown that we exist and are worthy in the Other's eye. Show biz, entertainment and advertising are the prime talents for most showoffs. Being cute is having beauty and attraction plus knowing how to use it to goad and garner attention.   

It (showing off) is neither masculine nor feminine, but is a preoccupation of both genders. Over the history of being cute, it has been predominate within the domain of one gender at different times.   As of the writing of this paper, the jury is currently out on which sex is more cute than the other.   Our obsession with this quality represents the basic sickness of this present society, no matter who is to blame. Being cute is illusory...because it is built upon creating behavior, images or events through ulterior motives or false play for the selfish gratification of the human entity at the expense of the Other.

Mirrored in our society are the entities who seek to be as cute as they were when they were babies. Many position themselves in life's arena through outward appearances, verbiage, body-language, expression, role playing and even behavior that is the very reflection of early childhood. Baby like characteristics are emulated everywhere by supposedly intelligent and consenting adults even into old age. "Oh, how cute they are."   

Ancient   myth states that humanity became manifest or stuck in a physical form because the "Archetype" (our ancestor(s) saw its reflection in the waters of the Earth and fell in love with its own image, then the matter rose to wrap itself around the spirit form thereby trapping the spirit in the manifest world. The tree of "the knowledge of good and evil" also caused a deep reflection upon the self, thus causing mankind's expulsion from paradise. Is "cuteness" the worship of the self? Have we made too much of this sickness? 

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