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talking to myself

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We can all be channels of God’s love as revea

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We can all be channels of God’s love as revealed in Christ Jesus.

“Never think that your imperfections and failures are, in any way,
an impediment to the work of My merciful love in your soul.
You have only to give them to Me with confidence
 and they are consumed in the blaze of
My Heart’s love for you. When I ask certain things of you,
 it is not to burden you, but to offer you a sure way
of obtaining the support of My grace.”

 In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart
--The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

In any human relationship, if it is based on true friendship, or that of a loving parent’s connection with their child, failures, problems, and struggles do not in any way impede the growth of love and compassion.  Relationships grow through successive revelations.  Some would say, through crises.  What keeps relationships from growing deeper and staying on a shallow level, is, of course, fear. With humans, it is always a risk to open up, since rejection can happen and does.  The less fear there is on both sides, the deeper the friendship can grow.  I am talking about any human relationship that has any depth.  For the heart longs to be seen, loved, touched, embraced and shown mercy. 

So Jesus speaks to us in human terms.  He will speak the language we understand that is rooted in our deepest longings.  Yet, again, what keeps us from experiencing the depth of God’s love, is yes, fear.  It is understandable with humans, for they can only see what we allow them to if it is deep enough and lock away through the terror of being judged and rejected. 

With the love of God (agape love), this does not apply.  Though in human teaching things can get twisted up a lot.  We will often make God in our own image and likeness which slows down our own ability to trust in God’s love for us. 

In the above quote from the book ‘In Sinu Jesu’, it brings out that before God, there is nothing that blocks his mercy or love, expect our misuse of our freedom in not seeking, or asking.  I am free to choose, though it has taken years for me to learn that.  I believe that grace is at work in all hearts, and if a soul does not open up his or her heart, it will be based on freedom and not on some lack of understanding of God’s love.  Judge not takes on a whole depth of meaning when this is understood.  We are called to speak the truth in gentleness and to respect the humanity of all we come in contact with.  In that, we can all be channels of God’s love as revealed in Christ Jesus.--Br.MD




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