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Roc Koch

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We Are Information...Via One Mind

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Roc Koch


Oh, I know not all the true expanse of this grand plan for this realm of existence, only the Omegon view, and where I shall go from here. But, wetness clouds my discerning mental eye as I contemplate the happenings on such a bright hope, as was theirs at the front of the sequential events of created time. The Enmayi were of my local in our first ray sent on through this Goge System. All parts of the whole had high ambitions for this expressed reality, so far in the dark. Darkness sometimes becomes too much a friend.

We basked together as light and thought beings, waiting upon transmission to our assignments. How excited we were as we emerged from the portal, moving faster than the light that shepherded our way! All was so fresh on our mentality! Then, all anticipation of experiencing new learning via His structural domain was our fate. Pointalistic existence by high vibration movement nearly caused a supernova. It was so long ago, yet on the Timeless level of being, it was only a tiny blip in the eventless dominion of watching. 

The structural progression of "be-manship" in this material illusion is so important to the dreamscape of true existence in cosmic mentality — whose home is duration. It is easily forgotten when one is cloaked in the weight of flesh. Material as a means motivation in a physical state can get a soul into deep selfish mindset. It is a trouble because of the ease to dwell upon one’s self. This deepness houses the law that makes virtual being contingent upon consequences. The Enmayi all must have reverted back to the densest state of matter due to thinking only of themselves. Their knowledge and wisdom became secondary against the desires for constant adulation. One can become comfortable with unending attention. Such preoccupation spurs desire toward a passion. In such a frame of mind, self always wins over the All because feedback loops are minuscule, with little room for nothing else to occupy space.

As I illustrate upon this shard — which is my procedure while I muse, I regret the lack of coverage I am able to generate for such an important survey as this one is becoming. Perhaps what I do here may not be enough to truly portray the feel of this dreary place. I hope future generations will understand the true despair that I see on this morrow. Anon, I must return to the site of Koan’s mastership and survey further the records of this once opulent world.

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