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Strange occurrences in my upstate N.Y. home



Paranormal activity in my house is starting to become a thing of the norm around here. Im not sure what i want from this post, but i do want to share some of the things that have transpired since last winter, maybe hear an outside opinion. So the strange thing about all this, is that everything seems to only happen in one room of the house, the living room, but also, only seems to happen when there are a number of people around to witness. It is a rarity that anything happens when I'm alone. I guess I'll share one story, the one that seems the hardest to explain. My buddies and i were in my living room, facing the TV, with our backs toward the entrance of the room. We have hardwood floors so footsteps are more defined. But as we watch TV, we hear footsteps fast approaching behind us, but they made a slapping noise on the floor, as if somebody was barefoot. I turn, because, there are other people in my house. The noise wasnt even a concern initially. But i turn back and simultaneously get hit in the face by a light breeze, one you would feel as somebody quickly passes by you. The footsteps continued on past me into a wall. I turn to my friend next to me, who i know realize has tears rolling down his face asking "you just felt that too?" My buddies on the other side of the room, frozen in fear, not able to put words together of what we all just witnessed. I was never a believer of ghosts. It all seemed a little like quakery. But there is no denying now, that something is out there. Ive never felt comfortable in my own home since that night 


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If you want rid of it, you can just do a simple banishment. 

Something from your own belief system, or you can find the LBRP on youtube.

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Not A Rockstar


ChaosRose is exactly right and you need to know that you have every right and authority to insist on being left alone of these weird things happening. If all else fails yell at it to go and leave you alone and leave your family and friends alone as well. If you will not tolerate it, it will stop. Form that decision and stick to it. Repeat as needed and it should fizzle away if it even takes more than one time.

I am very glad for your sake that it does this with others around as when that is not the case it is harder to know you did experience it, and end up facing doubters if you try to talk about it. Thanks for sharing the story.

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Davros of Skaro


Lay down some baby powder on the floor overnight. Just to make sure no cloven hooves appear.... Tee hee...

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