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Moonwalkers: And then there were four...



I am not sure what my earliest memory is. It of one of two. It is either my sister falling into a pond or it is sitting on my father's lap watching Armstrong and Aldrin walking on the moon.

I may not know which of those memories is the earliest, but I do know which one sparked a life long interest. If you need a clue, I have never had a pond.

So with today's passing of Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Lunar Module pilot and 4th man to walk on the moon, another of my heroes is gone. There are now just 4 moonwalkers left.

For many years I have feared that I would live to see a day when no living human being had walked on the moon. With the passing of each moonwalker that looks more and more likely.

The surviving four are all in their eighties, Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt are both 82, David Scott is 85 and Buzz Aldrin is 88.

I now have to console myself with the thought that I am young enough to see mankind return to the moon. Now I hope that it will be an international effort and that many will follow where the brave Apollo astronauts first left their foot prints.

RIP Alan Bean.


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