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talking to myself

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Pray in trust

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Pray in trust

Pray using My Mother’s Rosary, even when you feel that your prayer is empty or mechanical, or when you are beset by distractions. The decision to pray pleases My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

A Benedictine Monk. In Sinu Jesu:
When Heart Speaks to Heart--The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

Discipline is needed for any endeavor that is given priority in one’s life.  For people of all faiths or those who are seeking, for many of them, prayer and meditation is an integral part of their lives.  

If prayer is only done when one feels like it, it will not take root in one’s life.  It is, of course, good to pray when the desire is there, but prayer, is first and foremost, about developing a deep personal relationship with God.  I would say all relationships, are judged, by how much time we are willing to spend with those we say we love or are friends.  Speaking with friends, or just being with them on a regular basis, even if in silence, is a sure sign that the relationship is deep, true, authentic, and yes, healthy. 

Prayer, from my perspective, is always a response to grace.  Even if the response is weak, distracted, dry, and empty (or feels like it), it is not important.  What needs to be understood is that when we pray, willing to spend time in God’s presence, there will be obstacles.  Moods, restlessness, fatigue, laziness, illness, etc.  So in order to pray well on a daily basis, we have to simply do it and let go of grading ourselves.

For me, the rosary is a powerful way to pray.  Saying the rosary slowly can be used when one is centered, or distracted.  We simply ‘do it’, trusting in the love of God for us and simply look to him. 

The Blessed Mother for Catholics is truly looked upon as our spiritual mother, for each human in particular, as well as mother of the Church.  All the last words of Jesus, when he was dying on the cross, have special significance.  When he was dying, he looked to John, and said, “Behold thy mother”, and to Mary, he said, “Behold they son”.  John at the foot of the cross represented all of us, so truly Mary is our mother through grace.  Her power flows from her complete knowledge of her utter dependence on God, with no pride to block grace.  In her, is a total love of God, which flows from a humility so deep that like Christ, she is the servant of mankind, leading us deeper into the mystery of her Son, Jesus, and the Holy Trinity.

We are all called to pray, to seek, to meditate, and to allow our ability to love God, and others, to be expanded, as the Lord draws nearer to us.  The more we seek God for Himself, the deeper will our love grow. 

In all things, it is God who is faithful, even if we are unfaithful.  I have experienced God’s faithfulness many times, even when I was not.  Grace trumps over all that which is within, seeking to keep us from becoming free children of God.  All we need is the desire, even if weak, then the Holy Spirit will fan it into a bonfire if we but start anew each day in spite of failures and setbacks.

For Catholics, and many non-Catholics, the Rosary a good way to pray, even in the midst of many distractions.  One bead at a time sweet Jesus, to focus, pray and open up our hearts.--BrMD



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