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talking to myself

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The Lord sees all and understands all

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The Lord sees all and understands all


Of the sins cast into the fire of My Heart, nothing remains. They are completely annihilated—reduced, not to ashes, but utterly destroyed and forgotten. Love makes Me do this.  When a soul laden with sin, even with sins against My divine Person—blasphemy, sacrilege, and revilement—comes to Me with a repentant and broken heart, My love envelopes that soul and purifies her in My Blood.1 I am the Savior

A Benedictine Monk. In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart
--The Journal of a Priest at Prayer  Angelico Press


People are capable of a deep love for another person.  Parents for their children, friends for each other, and of one’s family.   Sometimes, people, are capable of a love so deep, that mercy, and forgiveness, are extended even without the offender asking.  Of course, the one who offends has to accept this gift, this grace, of reconciliation.  If it is not accepted, then the separation, while one-sided, can’t be breached. 

Jesus uses human analogies to try to express the love of the Father for his children.  So in the parable/story of the Prodigal Son, he does this.  He shows the father running towards the son, even though the son is perhaps not fully cognizant of how he offended, or not understanding what a deep love is all about.  Love that is real, and not manipulative, sees deeply.  Other types of love, only seen through the lens of longing, and even obsession. Leading to objectifying the so-called loved one.   

The Lord sees all and understands all.  This is where mercy flows from, this deep seeing into the depth of the soul, that the one being loved, and understood, more often than not, has no clue.  God’s judgment is based on love, his justice is as well.  Man’s judgment is based on the desire for revenge masked as justice.  Human anger or the desire for revenge is not justice.  Mercy and justice have to go together because we are bounded by our past, our level of intelligence, the culture we live in, our inherited DNA etc.  We have a lot to deal with, so it is best to leave judgment to the one who can judge.  We are called to love, have compassion, and to speak the truth with respect for the freedom, and the dignity, of the other. 

When we start to understand the mercy and love of God, we begin to see life in a different light.  We see others differently because we see ourselves in a different way.  In a manner that understands that God’s love is Infinite, something way beyond anything thing we can comprehend.  That love is for everyone, even those who say they hate others, and God, or seek to erase God from the world.  We are called to lift up all into the love and mercy of God, and not worry about judgment.  Only God can judge truly.  We can pray and connect with all.  That is what we are called to do.  To serve others, through mercy, prayer, compassion, that flows from self-understanding of our need for love, mercy, and compassion.—Br.MD



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