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talking to myself

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When we discover when God is enough

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"When we have nothing left but God, we discover that God is enough.

"A few years I saw a picture online of a man standing on a dock looking down at the water and the caption said:  'when we have nothing left but God, we discover that God is enough'.  In my own life, I have found that statement and the things you said here to be quite true.  It seems to me as if we have to get to that point, as God waits patiently for us...and we journey to the very edge and that is where God reveals Himself to us.  I suppose this is because we must experience absence before we can know what it is to be filled".--Marcus Aurelius A blogger on UM 

For many people, faith is an enigma to them.  They want proof of God before they will even consider having a relationship with the reality, of the Infinite, being personal, loving, and there, for them.  Of course, it can be asked, and is, how it would it be possible to prove that God exists.  A person who does not believe in God does live in a Godless Universe.  Just as a man or woman who does not believe that love is possible, or trust, will live in a world loveless and untrustworthy. Though on the internet, there are stories, which are shared by ex-atheists, who found out that God does exist when they found themselves at the end of the dock, looking into the dark waters of oblivion.  Then, they begin to see life a little differently….proof, well, yes, for them.  It is very hard to take seriously the experiences of those who have a different worldview.  Unless it happens to us. 

As a Christian, I would say that most of the time, the inner life, one that is based on seeking union, is usually not filled with wonders, but a day by day seeking another way, the way that Jesus taught.  To love oneself, which is not easy by any means.  The inner life leads to a deepening vision of what lies beneath.  In order to love all aspects of oneself, which at least for me, takes a true death to my reactions, which can be ugly.  As I age, my trust in the Lord deepens, because I have had experiences, unexpected, but given to me, when most needed.  They are always unexpected, sudden, and can be life-changing.  Not as dramatic as an NDE for instance, yet for a second, a door opens up, and I experience something beyond thought. 

I have spoken to many people, those who suffer greatly, yet keep the faith.  They are not, armchair philosophers, but those who live from the reality of their faith in God, no matter their religion.  They have made the hard choice, after much disappointment and suffering, to continue, to trust, in God.  if God is for us, who can be against us?  Yet, that is not proof, I have to accept it as a grace or not.  I am free, we all are on a certain level. 

It is hard to see the suffering in the world, and there are no comforting words in dealing with it.  Yet, when looking at the life of Christ, he suffered deeply.  One reason he suffered is that he did not shut down, he could not, his nature is Infinite Love.  Love, even human love, parental love, if truly loving, cannot protect itself from the cruelty of their children.  There is a limit of course.   However, with God, there is no limit.  God bears all pain, suffers all loss, and yet he does not turn away.  We turn away, freely, though only God knows when that happens.—Br.MD



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Marcus Aurelius


Wow, Mark...this is both beautiful and profound. I am actually going to print this one and keep it. 

There is much I could say in response but the last paragraph, in particular, is why I am a Christian. As most of our readers are probably aware, I am a scholar in comparative religion and I do interfaith work professionally in addition to parish ministry...so I have the utmost respect and reverence for the other great religions of the world. But what makes me uniquely and decisively Christian is the idea of the suffering God....that God is not somehow above, removed, or detached from our suffering....but rather loves us so much that He becomes on of us and takes that suffering on Himself. As Christian's, we believe in a God who suffers both for us...and with us. Thus, when I struggle, I know that I do not struggle alone. 

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Thank you.  Yes, I agree.  Jesus is the creator, the upholder of the Universe, yet he is also human and loves us in a way that is beyond comprehension.  Both a consolation as well as a test of faith......

I was going to post in the forum, but I really don't like to debate, I get tired easily LOL.


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