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talking to myself

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Grace, is in reality, God-seeking each of us

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Grace, is in reality, God-seeking each of us in our lives


I remain unknown. I am left alone. Even those who claim to profess the mystery of My real presence in the Sacrament of the Altar forsake Me. I am treated with a terrible indifference, with coldness, and with a lack of respect that causes the angels to weep because they cannot offer Me reparation for the coldness and indifference of human hearts.1 Only men can make reparation for men.2 What is lacking is the loving response of a human heart to My Eucharistic Heart, pierced, alive, and beating in the Sacrament of the Altar. Only a human heart can make reparation for a human heart. For this reason, the angels are sorrowful. The adoration and the praise they offer Me is angelic.


A Benedictine Monk. In Sinu Jesu:
When Heart Speaks to Heart--The Journal of a Priest at Prayer
(Kindle Locations 3901-3906). Angelico Press. Kindle Edition.



Religious traditions are important.  It is often the case that people do not understand the richness they are missing when they do not seek to understand deeply their faith tradition.  There is a lack of focus and practicing one’s religion can be something that is done only on Sundays, births, marriages, and of course death/funerals.  The Eucharist is an important part of the Catholic faith, a central actuality, because of the Eucharistic celebration.  When a Catholic fails to grow in love and appreciation of the Eucharist, the rest of the faith can become irrelevant to them.  For we are called to a deeply loving relationship with the transcendent, to miss that suffocates the soul, leaving it listless when it comes to the inner spiritual life. 

I believe we are created for a deep loving relationship with God.  Not for God’s sake, but for ours.  We are essentially emptiness without God,  and we seek to fill the inner void with ‘things’, beautiful, and good, in themselves, but they cannot fill the deep desire to be seen, loved, embraced, and even sought after.  Once we own something, we no longer desire it.  God, cannot be owned, but sought after and loved.  The more we love God, the more we seek to love more. 

Grace, is in reality, God-seeking each of us in our lives, no matter in what state we find ourselves.  For many, this understanding about God, as revealed in Christ Jesus, can lead to discomfort.  For we know, even if on an unconscious level, that the love of God demands everything, because that is the only love that will heal us, bring us home, to be one with our true nature.  We are ‘seeds’ of God, his beloved children, as hard as that is for me to comprehend and at times believe…..doubt is always a companion, a friend, a prod, pushing me deeper into trust. 

In our connection with others, when we seek a loving relationship with God, we also bring others with us.  We are called to be servants, as Jesus was a servant, we are called to love, to lift up in prayer, and to always speak the truth in gentleness and respect for the dignity of each human being.—Br.MD


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