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My swan song



So a couple weeks ago I said I was going to take a break from the internet.  Well I had some reasons for this that I just won’t get in too.  So anyway this will be my final post here at UM so I can put things in order.  Before anyone jumps the gun and thinks the absolute worst, no I’m not going to jail, and I am Not going to hurt myself.  I just have far too many things on my plate at the moment to be coming and posting here.  Thanks to all the people that I have become friends with here, I will not forget you.  So let me bid you all a fond farewell.


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Goddess of the Mist


Well, I know I will miss you - but I can understand there are priorities.  Take care and I wish you happiness! B)

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ouija ouija


:( I do hope you'll come back to us eventually. I wish you well. Good Luck! :st

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