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talking to myself

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The tragedy and beauty of our lives

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The tragedy and beauty of our lives

Such a difference in those I meet Lord, some tall, others skinny, and short and fat,
with burdens hidden from others, and deep wounds that not seen, yet bleed,
it is a wonder that we even begin a new day, up in the morning doing the same
routine, over, and over, and over again.  Fatigue and lack of sleep, too much noise,
and frantic movement, loud music, and horns, sirens, and planes, TV and Radio, news
promoting fear and Lord, how it works……so much fear in the world.  Without a center
to stand from, to take root in, our inner lives become more scattered, losing focus, we then
we seek release through drugs, sex, food, work, power, and perhaps for the lucky ones,
too much sleep. 

However, there is also love, and commitment, caring, and compassion, helping others,
and growing in love, and trust in you, my Lord.  We dance, and we sing, we write poetry,
and create beautiful pictures, which brings joy to many.  Good parents who love their children. 
Children who overcome their past, helping others who cannot, yet still seek to heal,
and help, feed, and simply talk to.  Yes, so much good, yet often overlooked, and
not celebrated and encouraged more often than not. 

No one owns you my Lord, neither believer nor unbeliever, can say much that is true
about you.  We seek to make you ‘not there’, or if ‘there’, a pet that we can own, and control, yet you
just smile, and perhaps laugh at our foolishness.  Jesus shows us Your heart Abba, one of love
that is so far beyond our human ability that we constantly seek to make you like ourselves,
a being angry, seeking revenge, punishment, without seeing deeply into each soul,
so we make you into a mockery, making others shake their heads in wonder.

You tell us not to judge a human being as hopeless, or lost, or evil, or foolish, yet it seems
a hard habit to break…..yet 70 X 7 times a day you forgive, all we need do is to open our minds,
and hearts, to your unfathomable mercy, and love. 
Mercy is a flame that brings all to light, that burns away all dross
that keeps us from our destiny with you. 
How you pursue us O Father, Jesus shows how much you do love us……
you save us from ourselves, from our inner hell, seeking only to
heal and bring us home……making our hearts too long for such a reality, that is shown us
in Jesus Christ, prodding us to seek deeper, our souls thirsty, and restless for your love.—Br.MD


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Not A Rockstar


This may be my favorite piece you have ever written. Much love to you.

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