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Like A Rainbow



I thought I'd put the rest of my fiction here, gradually. This is a little story I wrote several years ago.


Like A Rainbow

“Oh! Look how beautiful the rings are!” Grandmother exclaimed, looking out of the window to the majestic planet floating brilliantly in the velvet blackness. “Like a rainbow! It’s just like home!”

Marie and I looked at each other, then to the window. “Yes, it is beautiful,” Marie murmured, then turned away. She looked at me sadly and whispered, “There’s nothing for us here, John.”

“I know, dear,” I said, taking Marie’s hand. “We’ll not tell grandma. Not just now, anyway.”

Marie sighed, and glanced back to her mother. “No, but when the end comes, what shall we say to her?”

I thought for a moment. “I think she’ll understand. She probably knows, anyway, dear. We all have to face facts. We’ve not found what we’ve been looking for these long years, and now it’s too late. We knew this was a possibility when we began.”

“I know,” Marie said, placing her other hand on mine. “We can accept it, but I feel most for the children. They've known nothing but this.” Marie gestured to the grey walls of the cabin. “They’ve not seen how lovely it was. Sometimes I wonder why we ever left. There was still some hope, wasn’t there?”

My mind went back to the beginning. “No, dear,” I said. “There was no hope left, this was our only chance. I don’t regret our decision; it all would have ended there as well. This is a better ending.”

Marie looked into my eyes. “Perhaps you’re right. It’s only…” She looked at the old woman sitting beside her. “I think we should do it now, John. I can’t take this any longer. I’ll get David, he’s in the playground. He won’t like coming back to the cabin, but I’ll give him some ice cream. We’ll make him happy until…” Marie’s eyes were now moist with tears.

“Shh,” I said. “Grand…” But the old woman looked away from the window to us and smiled.  

I looked past grandma to the planet with the beautiful rings. “Like a rainbow,” I said, “and just like home.”



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