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A man awake

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Perks of my mind.

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White Crane Feather


Well now. I have often loathed the intense movie dream sagas that my dream life sometimes delivers to me. Story lines that last for weeks with multiple characters with amazing and bizarre plots. Some I have chronicled right here in this blog a number of years ago.

Sometimes I come to hate them because I end up thinking about them all the time. More lifetimes in my head that dont belong there is a frustrating thing to have to deal with. I often feel as if I have seen every human plot every situation, every nuance of human behavior. Movies become boring because I can spot the ending in moments. Nothing surprises me.

Well... eeeheemem, there are some perks. So don’t tell my wife about these perks. Mostly because I’m man and I do have a healthy labido, occasionally ( and unfortunaly far rarer than I’d like) my dreams turn erotic. I don’t mean some fuzzy sexual dream. If you know my dream life, then you know that inside my head is another world. 

I just woke up from one, and I know what your thinking. No. My body does not respond. 

I was at a wedding alone. I wasn’t me. In the dream I was someone else. It just so happens that there was some sort of mistake with the rooms and there was only one room left at the resort after the reception. Some sort of booking mistake. Two beautiful women were out a room. A little bit of my personal personality came into the dream here, and I offered my room. I keep a hammock tent with a bug out kit in my vehicle and I can literally crash anywhere. 

They were happy, and I was happy I could help. Anyway. In the lobby we walked out together as they were thanking me, but one hooked me by the arm and started leading me to the room. I was trying to be the gentleman and protest, but they wouldn’t have it. They said I could have the sofa. Cool I thought. It beats digging out my gear. 

Once in the room, I plopped on the sofa sort of marveling at the luxurious conditions. Then something really strange happened. They were in the kitchen, but they start stretching and warming up like they were going to perform something athletic. In my mind I was like WTF. Then one of them gave me a dazzling smile. I kept thinking — dam, this is how a cheesy porn flick gets started —. (Not that I have seen that many.) 

Sure enough they came out of the kitchen not like a porno but in a very elegant and warm approach. They both sat next to me, and one said. “ We know what you have been up to.” My mind was racing trying to figure out what they she was talking about. “ Time for your reward.”

Sorry gentlemen I’m not going to write an erotic story. I’m also sorry if some of you think I’m some sort of saint. I’m just a man who’s brain is a little extreme. It often creates all kinds of problems for me, but occasionally, and unfortunaly not often enough, I wake up with a big fat smile on my face, and then my wife gets the real me, and I put one on hers. ;)


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Posted (edited)

Really cool to see you writing again bro.

Yeah I feel guilty when ever that happens, which like you isn't often. I do admit I enjoy it at the time though lol. Mmm I'm just gonna shut up now.

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