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A man awake

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4 am “Thoughts and prayers”

White Crane Feather


So it’s 4 am. I woke up around three and I was dreaming about a friend. She just had one of her breasts removed due to some pretty aggressive stage three cancer. I’m scheduled to bring a meal to her and her family today. 

She has two older children and she just had a little girl last year. She is a leader in our community and frankly an amazing person. I am married of course, and so is she, but we still  share a certain kind of bond. It’s more built around respect because we share similar passions. One of those passions is the work we do around us. Together we lead a parent group that is focused on preventing and managing bullying in our schools. It’s been a huge success. We work directly with school board members when parents come to us when a kid is haveing serious bully issues, but the teachers and principals won’t do anything. 

We act as an advocacy group and the board members love us because we prevent things from blowing up on social media and even the news. We had a tragic suicide a few years back, and this woman and I are dedicated to preventing it from happening again. 

Anyway. Just like most people in my life, they have no clue about my alter ego, white crane feather, and this sort of double life I live. 

I was feeling helpless and a little angry at the universe for putting such a deserving person through the ravishes of cancer. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try something. I have done things like this before, but never against cancer.

If you have ever read my blogs before, when I go OOB I see disease as monsters. Usually zombie like entities with blank unintelligent eyes. Sometimes particularly nasty viruses and things, the creatures are more active and aggressive. The Noro virus we had a few years ago were these evil little Witches. 

I usually blast them with light. I really don’t know if it helps at all, but when you see them, you can help but want to get rid of them. I have seen them around my children and wife when they are sick, so I can’t just leave them there even if I’m just bat **** crazy and it’s all

in my head. 

You hear this term “thoughts and prayers” all the time that has become fairly meaningless. Well my version of thoughts and prayers is to fly over to her house out of body and kick that things ass, and that’s what I just did. Is it meaningless? I can’t tell you that. All I can write about is the experience. 

After waking up, I went back under. I initiated the meditations and waited for the right time. Vibrations for me are very faint these days. I suppose I’m used to them so they don’t course through my body in powerful currents any more. I sort of miss them and I sort of don’t. The same thing with the loud noises. They are no longer there either. I don’t miss those. 

Now, I can just sort of tell when my brain is in the proper stage to exit my body. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like everything becomes extremely crisp and I can feel everything touching me even the air in sort of a heightened reality. Simple enough. I just get up and I’m OOB. No matter how many times I do it, it is alway a trip to see my body laying there. The room is dark, I shouldn’t be able to see so well, but I can. 

I walk down stairs and straight through my door. I don’t have the problems I used to with these things. I have learned to focus and the mental hangups about physical obstacles are no longer there. 

I launch into the sky. I’m a little disoriented at first because...well.... I have never flown to her house and the neighbour hood looks a little different from above. She lives close to me, but to get to her house you have to take a bunch of streets that go around a green belt. I’m shocked at how close her house is as the crow flies. I really could use a wrist rocket and lob at her house and get pretty close. 

I really just find her house because her husband has a bunch of toys. A bass boat, a huge RV, and a giant truck. I walk through her door and find the master bedroom. Her little one is sleeping in between her and her husband. She is watching me. For some reason when I am in the other space little children look like they are always awake. I know in normal reality her eyes are closed, but in this reality kids that age never close their eyes. Weird I know. Just an observation. 

Just as I thought. There is an oily looking entity slithering around on her. Cancer? The drugs she is on? I don’t know. She just had her fricken boob cut off. Who knows what kind of nastiest are around and even her own psychic constructs could be an issue. 

Anyway. I grab it and send light through it to disintegrate it. Easy enough. It squirmed a lot like a snake, but it died. 

Then I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I don’t like to do it actually because sometimes I feel like I’m violating someone. No one knows I do this crazy ****, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t speak to me, so I have to do it without her consent. It bugs me a bit, but I get myself over it and do it. 

I reached my hands into her body. No I’m not grabbing her boobs. I simply stick my hands in her torso and I let my consciousness spread throughout her whole body. It’s a very strange sensation because it’s really wet and I can literally feel every part of her insides as if my sense of touch expanded to everything. I don’t really know how to describe that. The insides of people feel actually quite gross. It’s all wet and squishy and sort of hot. 

I check her lymph nodes and other places cancer might have spread. She is missing some. The doctors removed a few. I can’t really detect anything it’s just touch. I decide to take a different approach. I decide to have a look. Okay this is going to sound really crazy, but I actualky stick my whole head in her chest cavity and start to look around. I purposely change my perspective and create like a virtual environment. Almost like a movie or CGI of the inside of a human body. I search everywhere and eventually find what I was looking for. I can only describe it as little dark stars. It’s as if blackness was shinning. There are not a whole lot. I just start to zap them like a video game. I search around more until I’m satisfied I have gotten them all. 

When im done, I simply snap myself back to my own body. No real need to fly back. I probably don’t even need to fly there, it’s just a habit. I then grab my phone to write about it here.

Did it help? I don’t know. I suppose I never will unless the unthinkable happens and she dies then I know it didn’t. 

Sorry for typos and bad grammar. I really dont feel like editing 


Thank for listening. 



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Posted (edited)

Sorry about your friend.

IMHO, This mental healing thing you do sounds like a good way to deal with the anger that things like this can bring up and may helps empower you to be there for her in a way that she may need or ask of you. 

Just my two cents. 



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