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The Darkness of The Deep

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Past Life Recall? Trouble Part 2

Not A Rockstar


So, where can trouble come into the equation when speaking of past life memories and the natural curiosity of people to want to know what lives they lived before, if any of it is even true?  Why, if these really are lives you lived at one time, would the "System" blank your mind out about any of them?

Here are the main reasons:

1. You are working out a past issue with someone else and for it to go well, neither of you need to know about that previous relationship right now.

2. There can be a major moral issue in one lifetime you need to resolve or else experience the other side of it thoroughly before you can do that to your satisfaction, so, this life you do not remember being a slave/slave holder/murderer/victim. This life you want to experience the other point of view of it so you can see the whole and understand it fully.

In the information about reincarnation, it is said that we decide these things before we are born. Some believe we really detail many of our experiences and relationships before we come here. We supposedly have guides with us throughout to make sure we make these critical meetings to accomplish what we came to get done this go round. This is nearly the only job "guides" actually have. They keep us on the schedule we set out for ourselves. 

Why Do Some People Have Memories of A Lot of Lifetimes?

Some people do have more memories than others. The general thought is that the higher you evolve the more you know about both sides of yourself and the closer to fusion you are with your whole (your higher self and your embodied self) so knowing many, or even all, your past lives would make sense in such a case.

The trouble is, this type of person is not going to be posting youtube videos telling you how exalted they are and how they speak with the archangels daily or extra-terrestrials. A truly elevated being like that doesn't even concern themselves with what you think, nor do they have to. Their focus is on whatever reason has them still lingering down here in the world. To meet someone like this you know already, you know right away, they are not the usual person. Peace, something extremely special seems to flow around them, and they exude and ooze love. I do not see auras, never have, so I consider myself like the majority reading this and so I will mention that around them it is as if they emanate light you cannot see. Just being around them lifts your heart and for me, it encourages me to keep trying and working hard. I have run into a couple of them is all. Both seemed to be homeless, but, I do not know for a fact this was the case. They were on the streets, anyway, one in Cairo and the other time I ran into one was in a major United States city. I am sure there are others. It is not as if I get around that much. You can feel their specialness, I think a rock could. It is almost scary.

So, moving on, most of those claiming they remember hundreds of lives are full of it, in my opinion. I began with fragments of one life. I now know more of that first memory, more than maybe people usually do but, I had to reincorporate a lot of the learning and skills in that life and work on them during this one. Even so, it is superficial. What I need to know is clear, what supports it and places it in context is no clearer than must be for the context to be evident. 

Besides this, I have worked for decades on it, and can recall now about five other life experiences to some degree. Some, like the brief one in WW1, just the moments leading up to my death and that death of gassing in the trenches in France, somewhere. One, my previous one here, I think was a late reward to me to explore and enjoy and learn about without causing any problems for anyone. It came late, not when I was young and eager and full of more "stoopid". I was a major chef in New Orleans, the restaurant remains there in the family, and it has given me great joy to explore a few facts of his life and verify and see it is going well. I have a wicked gumbo recipe I still make once in a while in this life nobody can beat, and no, I have never entered the establishment nor do I ever plan to. Abuse it and lose it is the way I understand the rules of the game. That life is not this one beyond the coincidence I live in the same state now. To be able to access a few recipes and remember and smile and take a distant pride that something remains of it is a good thing, a little reward, and a surprise. I mean, I had never supposed I was once a chef and huge personality like he was, but, there it is. We did share a fatal flaw, though, and I find that very educational. His official cause of death is different from the truth. I am alright with that. He was mistaken, he was wrong, and I have been wrong the very same way myself many times and hope we can learn this and move on to a more constructive resolution so I do not have to wrestle with it ever again.

How Can Remembering Be Trouble?

Obsession, derailing your whole reason for being here, derailing other people, being wrong, being delusional, the list doesn't end easily.

Our jobs are to live this life. This one. Everything you need to know came with you. Most of us have simple, human things we still have to get right, like how to succeed, or be moral, or learn charity or fidelity. For some, there is the goal to explore matters of faith and try on a few to experience them and come to some conclusions about them. 

I know many people who have gone through regression therapy sessions and discovered a past life in which some of their present emotional ills seem to be rooted in. By seeing the original life in their memories, this often resolves it in a positive way and frees them to move on with less baggage and bewilderment. It can be very positive.

The trouble comes in when people get obsessed with the notion they were once X. If it was in the (safely) distant past this just becomes a sad hang up. If it was like my memories of a recent past life where there remain descendants and physical locations a few hours drive away it can become a psychotic nightmare. I have never made any contact with that life directly. I know quite clearly it has zero to do with what I am doing in this lifetime. It was a reward, because I know this and was not going to abuse it. It has been fun to explore some public details, walk by the place, note changes, and feel some vicarious pride in the past. That the shadows between the two lives are so alike is distressing to me and I hope to find a way to overcome and beat it and make it into a positive form. I just need to learn the answer to a fundamental question billions of lives before and after me will struggle with - a sense of being unloved, of not being valued as highly as one desires to be. That may be the Big Question for many of us under it all.

But, you can imagine what would happen rapidly if I became convinced I needed to make contact with these people of my past, and became a stalker or something, obsessed with feeling I deserved to be there, deserved their successes today, was still kin of a sort. If lucky, I would be in a hospital. If not, I would be in prison or dead of getting shot breaking in. This is inane and ridiculous, and yet would be true for many and thus is one reason why we do not have memories.


Need to head out and take Mother to Mass, so will finish in part 3 later. Take care.


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