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Meeseek's Pointless Blogs

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Miss Meeseeks


*takes a deep breath in and starts yelling*

IM BACK!?!?!?!?!? *stops* Well this Meeseeks is back from a few days in order for me to help get my **** together at the least and have a rough idea on what I want to do with my life for the present time. At the moment I'm still financially dependent upon my parents :( but shortly I'll be on my own finally till the letter returns :) . Anyways while all that is happening I still need to speak to my manager about doing a certificate to enable me to work with both of the elderly and with the folks with disabilities. 

My plans are set in motion now :), when I start receiving my money I'll be saving aside to be able to purchase that caravan and being more independent which I shouldn't have already done but the opportunity hasn't been available for me to do so. With that being said my main problem is getting enough money together to be able to see a doctor about my mental health state :(. While gathering together the correct documents for me to even be able to see a doctor and have some sort of health cover to help with any future medical issues that may occur. 


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