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Chapstick, buttless chaps, and taxes.

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So something that just chaps my hide is when people call chaps, butt less chaps (forum friendlier name but we all get it right? Okay, moving on). Why not call them frontless chaps.  Oh, oh,oh, how about moose knucle curtains. For example of moose knuckle watch ‘they live’ with rowdy roddy piper.

now the usual rant about taxes, they suck, don’t like paying them. Why not use our tax money for something useful. I vote for sending Hollywood adrift in the Pacific, how bout sending Taylor Swift to mars and leaving her there. What’s the worst thing that could happen? She writes a song about it.

oh, how bout this for a lottery, we get to bend one politician over out knee and publicly spank them. Just think how many people would pay the idiot tax on that one.

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