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The Darkness of The Deep

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The Occult's Ugly Wall, part 2

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Not A Rockstar


For some reason, I am having a devil of a time posting this part, which actually was written in a single flow at the end of the first part, so I am rewriting the whole thing. Spirit wants something else covered in here, apparently. 

You have hit a wall, things are going wrong for you enough that you are thinking it is spiritual in cause. You may be having bad dreams, you might be seeing figures running around or leaning over you. Perhaps it is grays or reptiloids or the Hat Man slinking around the grocery store when you are with friends or your Mom, watching you.

Firstly, you need to know they cannot harm you physically. Other people have seen these things, so you are not alone. Most people have not, though, so forgive those people who tell you right away that they do not exist. For them, they don't, and in a real way, they are correct. Some of these people saying these things will add hateful comments to their words, such as they you need mental help, you are lying, you are having delusions, and they may joke about what you have said. My advice is the same, forgive them and strive to understand that they do not see these things, they are not where you are, and they don't realize how much it hurts to be told this, or how really scared you might be. Many of these people are kind, and if they really did know would be heart broken and react differently. Forgive them. We can do better than this.

Secondly, you need to know that there is truth inside the sometimes hurtful things said. The road to magic, or some psychic gifts, or messing around with contacting the dead or spirits or whatever you were doing that has gone wrong now goes through your own psyche. The medical definition of "psyche" is " the totality of the id, ego, and superego including both conscious and unconscious components" (Merriam-Webster). If you don't really understand that definition, you need to go do some studying first and learn it well, because messing with that balance is the highway to insanity, ok? That is what I am talking about when I speak of guilt buried deep inside your psyche causing some of this and how hauntings can be in large part creations of our own (troubled) mind/psyche. 

Tools to be rid of "things" such as sage and prayers to remove spirits help your mind believe that this danger has been removed. Once you do believe, then your psyche subsides back into normal range again. They are quite valid. They can work. Once you get back there and the ghost is gone, take a strong hint and stop what you were doing. This is not your talent. Go find something else to explore and play with.

Some are reading this who are curious and would like to know more but do not want "issues". My best advice is to go and read as much as you like about it, and if you start getting creepy feeling, go out and jog and take a break for a while from it. Maintain a balanced mindset and read critically. Most of the stuff out there is written by people who got glimpses of things and made a career out of building on that and writing a lot of books and under it all few of them know what they are even talking about and if something real broke loose they'd be in trouble. But, there are bits out there enough for most to satisfy their curiosity and get an idea of what people say and report. Sadly, this is also why so many have the idea that it is all bunk. The real workers rarely have time for all that writing and youtube videoing. 

So, if it is all in our minds, then how can any of it be real, Rockstar? 

We are talking about the pursuit of the paranormal, the effort to research it or get into it, not the Reality out there. That is protected, it is warded off for the masses, and this is why we can derail ourselves mentally even trying to probe into it. The walls I speak of are real. These entities can take over your reality once unleashed from your subconscious and demolish your life because they were never meant for the light of day. They were made to be in your subconscious, safely, and dealt with in dreams. They were filed there by you to keep them out of your waking life so you can function. 

People vary in how far they can go. Exploring haunted houses, playing with a Ouija board, these things seem to almost be passages in childhood for us. Having experiences in various houses growing up are normal. Most folks will see something they don't understand and move on and file it away. There is more out there and a few can see or sense it at times. Mostly, though, all it does is fire off our own imagination into overdrive. You sense a fluctuation and fill it with monsters and grays and every sound becomes a bang and off runs the overly excitable kid headlong into "zomg I see ghosts". 

There is a different reality out there, but, most of us do not need to deal with it beyond our religions or matters of faith. Most of us should not. Reality is set out the way it should be for our reason to be here (to grow and learn and interact and individualize). A few seem to be here to also deal deeper into the other side of the Veil which hides the rest of it from us. They have what they need to do their job safely, to learn how, and succeed. 

It is hardly special. Others have greater gifts and talents, which bless more people, like medical doctors, or teachers. 

But, there are three things you need a lot of to go very far into the dark out there, if you still want to know: Grounding, balance and compassion.

Grounding is your faith, your religion, your truth structure. Yes, it can be skepticism, or science, which is a structure like any other for how one thinks. This serves as sort of your framework for filing the things you read and see in relationship to each other. This is your reality, it is your sanity, how you think and relate to what is outside your self.

Balance is what you feed your grounding. Read, learn and study always, science, classic authors, mathematics, physics, comic books, rock concerts, feast on it all, especially including opposing views. Just because something disagrees with your views doesn't make it a threat. If you feel threatened by an idea, you are weak somewhere and need to check your six. There is a problem more basic than the threat. Maybe, you are wrong. It can happen.

Compassion is really critical, as vital as the other two, and the least one I see talked about. To me it is humility, empathy, and knowledge rolled into one with a deep memory of ourselves when we were younger, and silly, and still looked up at the clouds and looked for giraffes and dolphins. Memory, and deep love for the child we once were, a reverence for it enough to not be cold or hard or mean when we run into the inner child of someone else who is in pain. The answer is not always "grow up." Sometimes it is plenty enough to just encourage them to move a day older and relax and get a hug and let them go to run again with a band aid on their knee. Sometimes, yes, a brutal dose of reality and adulthood is needed, but, not as often as we think. Your answers are not theirs, you do not have any right to force your answers on another person. You share and let them work with that as they learn the parts you set out for them.

Walls tell us something is wrong and we need to stop and change, be they from occultic studies or in life generally. If you are depressed, hopeless, angry all the time, get help. You are mistaken. There is help, answers, relief without harming anyone or yourself. You may not like the answer, but, give it a chance.

Life can be surprising.

I write to serve.

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