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Been gone since May

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Lunar Wolf


I have been gone since may 11 of either this year or last, I do not remember. I still have no ways of making normal posts and on top of that most of my old activity posts have disappeared. I feel like they don't want me talking even after accepting that I agreed to not make long like update or activity posts. But even after that I am unable to make posts and interact with everyone. I still do not understand what was so wrong about me making long activity posts so I did not have to mess with blog stuff, but it will never make since why it has become a petty party of making me unable to post plus not being allowed to share the link to another account seems a little idiotic as well. Everyone does not just sit here on this site 24/7 we have to be able to share where else we are for people to network and connect. But it is fine, I am not a moderator, I did not decide these stupid rules. Just here wanting to reconnect, but not allowed too.


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Miss your sharing and insights mate.

Don't let the petty and spiteful drive you away from connecting. 

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Goddess of the Mist


Can you comment or post in your blog where else it is you post? There are some good people here, but also an extensively negative "good old boys' club" if you know what I mean. 

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@Goddess of the Mist so I can comment and make blog posts and send inbox messages but that is about it. Status stuff disappeared and if you look at the recent post it gives a short on what happened


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@quiXilver if you want to see any of my insight for future stuff my recent blog post has some things that you can find me on. Instagram is a bit slow at the moment due to college but other than that it is a good place to find me


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