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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Moon Wind Prayers

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Moon Wind Prayers
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.

Moon Wind Prayers

I will grow like a flame
Though my body will fade
Like wood rotting
My bones like stones
Planted in a garden 
Of the South
My lips will speak
The prayers of angels
Lights and visions of
A celestial show
And I will glow
Relit in the sparks of 
Embers falling from my mouth

Moon Wind Prayers 
Imagine the energy from inside of you manifesting outside of yourself as well. These charged pieces of us circulate all around, involving us and others. This is the aura. It can harden like a shell, break and also shatter as you grow a new one, much like a spider shedding it’s exoskeleton. The word "aura" in Latin and ancient Greek means wind, breeze or breath.

Some may find that they feel heavy in some areas of their body. Not like an internal pressure but, one that sits upon the chest, like thick air and weighs us down. It can fuse to us in many different chakras like crystals forming on minerals. If we have a lot of anxiety it may manifest here as well.

I want to share with you some easy techniques for cleansing the aura. Imagine this is salt to your soul right now! Break it down. Visualizing exercises and simple movements are quite powerful as they funnel our minds into the wild of things. 

Nature Power
One of the best ways to cleanse your aura is to visualize it! When the wind is blowing think about the energy like a shadow coming from you and then picture it floating away. 

Nature is one of my favorite elements to work with in this regard. You can also try to look up at the stars and imagine them radiating off of you in holy light. Also, the sun as a flame can burn the negative energy away.

Candle Flame Heat
Light a candle of any color you desire. 

You can put your hand over the flame and let the heat absorb into your skin. Take the heat energy and wipe it over your aura, your chakras, lips and where you would imagine having angel wings and a halo!

Water sounds
Water is naturally powerful. Even just the sound of this element running can signal our brains to wash away the excess. Just like a river working over a stone and polishing it, we are redefined.

Imagine this vision under fresh water, such as in the shower, bath or outside as well! It is gentle yet proficient at purification.

Even if you don’t want to get wet, try looking for noises on the internet like Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, birds or water fountains. It will trigger your mind in just the same ways! It is an ancient cleansing ritual.

Soft Touches & Sensations
Something as delicate as a feather can be used to fan away the stagnant force. Taking one and fanning yourself with any similar object as well would be great. Remember these sensations so that even when one is not available, your mind will remember and replay the simulation.

My favorite feeling is a cool wet paint brushing circling onto my skin. I like to lay down for this excersice and imagine someone painting me from head to toe, in turn clearing out any blocks with the love of the painter. You can imagine any color or brush that you want. 

Smudging with incense is another great one! Burning any incense, herb or smoky substance can smoke out anything that doesn’t belong. It will wipe away the bad stuff that sticks with you. You can say prayers as well to help.

Angelic Protections
Once you have cleansed your aura, you need to protect it! Try summoning an angel to guard you and protect yourself from energy vampires. Go around people who encourage you instead of criticize. They will help you build up this great life force.

The aura (also known as the auric field, radiance, or the eighth chakra) is an electromagnetic field surrounding the human form. People with enhanced psychic ability are able to see the movement and varied colors of the aura. (Like me!) The aura is also commonly referred to as the eighth chakra.

Colors are associated with angels and in some instances an aura could be read in this respect. The common color associations in our culture today are in regard to light and the wavelengths in a rainbow. the Bible describes seven angels who stand before God in Revelation, chapter 8. Silver & gold represent the divine celestial cosmic forces! (Please note my white & orange are different than some others…) The colors can change to represent any holy force you adhere to... You can do 7 colors or create your own system! Make it personal!)

• Red -Passion (Uriel)

• Orange- Expression (Gabriel)

• Yellow- Wisdom (Jophiel)

• Green- Healing (Raphael)

• Blue – Faith (Michael)

• White- Purity (Jesus)

• Purple- Transformation (Zadkiel)

• Pink- Love (Chamuel)

Kirlian photography is a technique that captures the light from the auras of humans and plant life. I believe there is certain people who are photogenic because the flashes of the camera can break apart dark matter around someone! I think that’s why it feels so good to do photoshoots for some!

Another healing activity that is totally refreshing is a massage. Imagine all your stresses and pain being absorbed by the hands of the masseuse and let it melt away. It can be aa truly spiritual experience especially if you light a candle and incense.

Cutting Cords
Another form of attachment is the energy that is with us everyday from traumatic events and situations. We may repeatedly think of certain people that hurt us. Imagine then that they have plugged into you in some way and this energy is waiting to be transformed and moved with the current of electricity.

I like to think of this in an electrical form but, you can also imagine octopus tentacles, vines or parasites. Whatever vision is most powerful for you will work best! You can imagine your hands reaching into you and bringing these cords out. You can loosen them and untie them, cut them as well with crystals, scissors and daggers. Grab hold of new ones in your heart or replug these into a powerful source, such as the moon and sun!

Amazing Energy
Remember that we are like stardust and sparks of divine fire light inside of us. They cause us to shimmer, shine and glow, like a choir of angels high in the night. We want to be inspired, happy and confident in order to be our best selves and attract amazing energy or way.

Practice these things in order to stand in your own power. Create yourself and then opportunities will manifest. Don’t lay there idle in someone else’s dreams. Wake up and come alive.

I order you to start today, to break free of any chains that bind you to this physical dimension and let your soul shine through. You can change the world for someone with one smile, compliment and word. Do this for yourself as well. Small acts matter!

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