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Carlos Allende

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I kinda like Michael Gove...

Carlos Allende


I kinda like Michael Gove. But then again, I have got 'form' for liking cliche public school Tories (or at least, not hating them as anyone else with my old skool communistic, Ian Bone-style mindset does). I don't mind Bojo the Clown. I like the way Jacob Rees Mogg's aristocratic personality is matched by his very leisurely lateral thinking. Question: if you took Jacob Rees Mogg's consciousness and put it in John Lydon's body, with John Lydon's vocal chords, how long would it be before anyone noticed? I reckon it'd be a couple of days. Even my own tweed-wearing MP, James Gray --I've grown to like him (ironically just as he's about to retire).

But Michael Gove is just intriguing. Presumably, he's the Brexiteer which remoaners hate least: unlike the rest, all of whom can easily be accused of being opportunistic career politicians who never really cared about the referendum, _he_ was prompted to campaign 'leave' because the Common Fisheries policy wrecked his dad's working class business.  Beyond that, he was a reluctant public schoolboy, and never went anywhere near the pig-luvin' Bullingtons. Personally, I'd be quite happy to see him go for the leadership when Mayhem Bot finally stands down. 

Unfortunately, there's no getting around the fact that he looks like Pob.

 Image result for michael gove pob

My advice? Grow a beard. Look at how rubbishy, parochial and expense-wonking Stephen Crabb was, but he was still in contention for the leadership at one point. Because he had a big, Bluto-style beard.  Hell, why do you think I grew mine?



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