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Carlos Allende

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Here's a fun Christmas game...

Carlos Allende


Here's a fun Christmas game I invented. It's a bit passive-aggressive, but then, what isn't?

What's the main vibe of Christmas, apart from the gratitude of Jesus getting born, and good food, and Shakin Stevens?

Peace and goodwill. 

Think of two people that you blackly, bitterly, _loathe and despise._ Fortunately, I'm in a position where I no longer have anyone in my life that I actually _hate,_ therefore I have to use celebrities.

For example. I hate Miranda Hart. I hate Jenny Eclair. I think they're lazy. I think they abuse any real potential they have and take opportunities away from far better people. And yet. I search my mind for any redeeming factors. Imagine spending time with them. Inevitably, in a Celebrity World War, I'd join forces with them against the radio presenter Zoe Ball. And if there's a potential for me to make peace, --even temporary peace--, with people I hate so insanely and bitterly, it suggests there's an even greater sphere of hatred where I'd side with Zoe Ball against ...who knows? The Devil himself?

Another example: I hate and loathe Keith Allen. I hate and loathe the film director Ken Loach. Yet I would team up with those two lads in a four-way fight to take down Bob Geldof.

Hours of fun.

Of course, I'm not sure what would justify an alliance between myself, Tony Blair and the Devil. Maybe it's the three of us fighting some kind of Incarnation of Entropy, inside each and every atom, and that's what causes the world to exist?



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