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A man awake

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Missed opertunity.

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White Crane Feather


My old friend SP payed me a visit yesterday. I was asleep, but I guess I was half in half out and I started to practice some breathing excercises. I don’t think I was doing this in reality. I think I was dreaming about practicing these excercises. 

Anyway, without warning a rush of tingles shot up my whole body. Not vibrations, but intense goosebump like tingles. That’s when I whispered “something is here.” My wife heard me whisper it. 

At that point I felt a tugging. I sleep by a window, and I could feel that this thing was trying to pull me out of the window. I should have went with it, but it startled me a little bit at first, so I threw up all my defenses. I wish I would have let it take me. In the past when I relax and let it go, I get taken on some amazing adventure, or I’m given some sort of task. 

The tugging toward the window stopped, then I realized my mistake. I started to whisper “no wait come back. You just startled me.” 

Thats when I feel something wiggling my foot. It takes me a second to bring myself out of the altered state, but when I’m fully back, my eleven year old is crouching on the bed trying to wake me up by shaking my foot. 

He says “Daddy, who are you talking to?” I look at my wife. She knows what is happening, but I told him that I was just dreaming. I could tell him what was really happening, but I think it would  just scare him at this stage in his life. He should be worried about his home work and having fun not some strange force pulling his dad’s spirit out of the window. 

I may go under in a few minutes and see what I can learn. 

Happy new year.






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