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A man awake

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It’s already started again.

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White Crane Feather


So here we go again. Am I crazy or do I really get missions from beyond like some silly sit com. It didn’t take long for this to start up again after I opened back up.

In fact, this is related to an unfinished “mission”. Somewhere back in my blogs I wrote about how the moms of our local Catholic Church wanted me to get involved in the youth group as a leader. The current guy doing it is sexist and far to fundamentalist for the more moderate families involved with the church. They know me as a leader in the community and on paper I am catholic because it’s part of my wife’s culture and I walk that journey with her. I walked away from the request and the recognition of the danger this guy poses because I was drawing boundaries, and I also don’t believe in the religion the way they do. I would have to lie a lot furthering catholic spiritual agendas, and It wouldn’t be right if I were faking it just to protect the teens.

So the other night I had one of my movie dreams. I was involved in exposing an extremist cult inside of the church to the parishioners. I won’t go into detail, but I stoped them from tainting the eukarist with some sort of mind controlling drug, and I exposed them. 

Fast forward to Thursday night. I went out to a local pub with some friends for a small celebration. I don’t drink anymore, but a friend picked me up with an Uber. It was fun. They danced and had fun. It was very late maybe one am, and we all said our goodbyes. Since they were all drinking, I made sure they all got in an Uber and were safely on their way home. 

That’s when I go to call my own Uber, and what do you know. I’m out of battery. No big deal. I only live about four miles away. It’s an easy walk and I don’t mind the solitude. 

So here is the thing. Along the way is the church. At the church they have a room called the adoration room that is supposed to be open 24/7 where people can go meditate in front of the ukarist. I don’t believe god exists in the ukarist they way they do, but the sanctity of the room does have a quality to it that is good for meditation and prayer. I have used it for these purposes before. I figured I’d stop by and meditate a bit then finish the walk home.

Keep in mind, by the time I get there it’s like 2am in the morning. I go to open the door, but it is locked. Hmmmmm. I look through some of the art on the window and I can see a bunch of young people in there. Really young. Teenagers. Odd I thought. Maybe it’s some sort of retreat. 

An older guy that I recognize opens the door and looks at me. I say, I’m here for the ukarist. He just nods, and shuts the door. The door is still locked. I wait outside the door under the assumption that maybe they are just finishing up something and he will let me in when they are done. I was wrong.

After some time, two police officers show up on either side of me.

They called the police on me! WTF. 

I explain to them what the room is meant for, and that I am a parishioner here. I even helped fund their gym and teach safety courses there from time to time. I was expecting to be let in.

He simply said that they don’t want me there. I’m not going to argue. I gave the police my info, told him why I was out late, and apologized for upsetting anyone. He offered to give me a ride home, and off we went. 

What is going on? Why do they have those young people there so late at night? Why did he call the police? Why does this **** happen to me? I want answers. My kids not that involved with the church, so I doubt they will be apart of any of the bigger activities, but I know lots of those kids. I know their moms that nearly begged me to take over those groups. 

I need more information. I’m going to confront the man that opened the door. Why was I not allowed in? Why did he simply not tell me to go before calling the police? I get that it was 2am in the morning, but the room is supposed to be open. 

Is the dream related? That is an uncanny circumstance which is usually the case with these things. All the themes are there. 

Sigh... I gotta be crazy to take this one on. It did not take any time after letting White Crane Feather ( my alter ego) back in for this to kick up again. 

Thanks for listening.








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Not A Rockstar


You do need to sort this with the priest and find out what the heck is going on that a fellow member gets "arrested" for trying to join in. Not cool at all, nor right at all. Could be one of those bad juju Brotherhoods in there seeking to influence them along the same lines.

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